Using a Discount Calculator to Make Sale Shopping Simple


Sales and discounts are amazing, especially when you need something and aren’t looking forward to paying full price for it (new holiday clothes for family photos, anyone?). Shopping for gifts, yourself, your kids or anything else is always more fun when things are on sale and when you get a good discount on your order or purchase, but sometimes it can be a pain to figure out exactly what the discount on something might be.

If you’re anything like most people, calculating a 50% discount is about all you can do (25%, too, because you’re actually smarter than you give yourself credit) without getting a serious headache and feeling a little frustrated. It’s not simple with kids in the cart and signs that tell you different discounts on different shelves. Fortunately, the internet is filled with discount calculators that will help you make shopping simple.

To use this calculator, just open it in your web browser on your smart phone. When you see an item you’re interested in purchasing, enter the full price, the percentage of the discount being offered and allow the mathematical calculator to figure out what the sales price is on this particular item. It’ s going to show you what you can expect to pay. This helps you stay on budget, and even be able to correct a sales associate that might enter the item incorrectly, asking you to pay more than the signs on the shelf advertised.

This calculator works with all sales. Even if it’s a more complicated sale, such as an item that says that it’s on sale for 75% off the regular price and you can take another 40% off that price at the register. Instead of waiting, enter the full price and then the 75% discount to get the sales price, then enter the sales price and the 40% off discount to see the final price.

For example, if an item is $146 full price and it’s on sale for 75% off and then another 40% off of that, enter $146 and 75% to get a sales price of $36.50. Then take $36.50 and enter the 40% off discount for a total price of $21.90. Now all we need is to find a store that offers discounts like these!

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