Try a Discount Juicer if You’re New to Juice Cleanses


Juicing is the newest, hottest craze in the dieting world. People are obsessed with making juices designed to help them lose weight, get fit and feel good about themselves in just a few days. The concept is simple. All you do is create a different juice to drink for different meals and that’s all you have. You’re allegedly detoxing your body so that you are healthier and less bloated. It’s essentially a water weight issue in which you can lose a few pounds in a few days, feel good about yourself and look good in photos or a dress or at a party or whatever.

The juice cleanse deal is not for everyone. Those who do it love it. Those who aren’t into it really can’t be convinced that this is the way to go. However, if you happen across a discount juicer when you’re out doing your shopping between now and whenever, perhaps you might pick one up and try this new juice cleanse yourself. We’ve done some research and apparently if you use the right recipes, these cleanses could be good for you.

How Does it Work?

The juice diet really is one that allows you to replace all your meals for approximately 3 days to a week with nothing but juices made from fruit and veggies. This is going to help detox your body so that the toxins you regularly take in are removed from your system through the cleanse in various natural ways.

What’s the Benefit?

When your body releases unhealthy toxins through the use of a juice cleanse, you will feel better. You will have more energy, your skin will look better and you will feel refreshed. The issue, however, is that this is not a magic fix if you immediately return to an unhealthy lifestyle of eating foods not good for you. Medical professionals say that if you eat clean, good, healthy food all the time, you will regularly keep your system toxin-free.

Can I Lose Weight?

Absolutely. You can lose weight on a juice cleanse if you are strict about it. The issue is that the weight will come right back on. It’s not a magic diet. It’s just water weight your body gets rid of throughout the diet, so you’ll notice the weight loss for a few days before it is right back where it started. This is why we recommend you buy a juicer when it’s on sale if you’re not sure about this kind of diet; or just use your blender.

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