Three Tips To Help Make the Most of Your Warehouse Membership


I have a warehouse club membership, and I’ve used it one time. That was two years ago when I first joined when a friend talked me into splitting a membership with her. One time; and I ended up buying nothing I needed and things I think I could have gotten for far less at the supermarket. For me, a Sam’s Club membership is a waste. I’m not into the things they sell there since all I care about is groceries and I don’t want to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Sam’s to get groceries when I can go 5 minutes down the street and go to Publix. However, some people have these memberships and love them; but you still might not get your actual money’s worth out of them. Want to know how you can?

Share your membership

My girlfriend loves Sams and wanted to get a membership, and she wanted me to split the cost. For her it’s a great deal. She goes several times a month. For me, I’ve gone once in two years, so you know it’s not a deal for me. However, making it less expensive also makes it more worth your money.

Compare prices

When I first went into Sam’s, I had twins that were only 3 months old. When I saw their special formula there, I was happy. That’s when I realized that a bulk package was actually far more expensive for me to purchase there than simply buying the same number of individual packages at Publix. You have to compare prices if you really want to save money; otherwise it’s not worth the price you pay.

Consider what you purchase

Not everything at warehouse clubs is grocery related. It turns out you can buy liquor, gas, prescriptions and other things that you might not consider for far less here than you can anywhere else. It might be more cost-effective if you make this your one-stop shop for everything on your list.

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