Three Important Tips to Remember When Shopping at Forever 21

Forever 21

A show of hands; how many people over the age of 21 shop at Forever 21? I imagine there are many. Now, how many people over the age of 28 shop at Forever 21? I imagine that the show of hands has diminished a bit; half because women this age have a more sophisticated sense of style and half become of embarrassment. It’s okay, most women love the store because of its trendy clothes and cheap prices. However, it can be a bit of a dangerous situation when it comes to age. Raise your hand if you see older women shopping in Forever 21 and are slightly horrified by it? Yes, that’s what we thought.

The store might be called Forever 21, but that doesn’t mean everyone can forever look the age. It’s a great idea, but we think that women of a certain maturity level should move one from the trendy looks that teens and college students love to wear and replace them with things that are just as stylish, but in a more timeless and elegant manner (classic, timeless style is so sexy). If you’re going to shop at this favorite retailer, however, we have some advice that’s going to keep you looking great without making you look like a wanna-be teen again.

Head for the Love 21 Room

Did you even know that this room is for older 20s and young 30s? It’s the same trendy pieces that are made to look just a little more appropriate and a little less like something geared towards and marketed for 16-year-old girls. It’s not any less trendy or stylish, just a bit less gaudy. You can pick and choose pieces from this room to add to your more expensive basics at home to create a look that’s high-end and upscale.

Use Coupons

Just because the price are already inexpensive doesn’t mean you can’t save a bit. You can find Forever 21 coupons online and in the mail if you’re a registered email member of their store. These coupons will help you stock up on trendy pieces you might not want to wear for long but definitely want to wear now. That bubble necklace, for instance, isn’t something you’ll ever wear again this time next year, so it only makes sense to use Forever 21 coupons to purchase it so that it’s even cheaper and less difficult to get rid of when it’s time – and that time will be sooner than you think.

Skip Patterned Fabrics

Not all of them; just some. For example, if you’re going to buy a fabric with a pattern from a shop such as this, that sells low-quality fabrics, go for the rayon and skip the cotton. We normally don’t advise going with rayon, but if you want to look put together dressing here, it’s the better option. The low-quality cotton fades immediately, and it looks really noticeable with patterns, which is why it’s better to stick with the rayon.

Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Forever 21


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