Three Holiday Shopping Bonuses for Huge Savings

credit cards offering holiday shopping bonuses

Holiday shopping bonuses are not something that’s limited to only stores; some of the biggest credit card issuers in the world are currently offering some amazing holiday shopping bonuses to cardholders. Much like retailers want to entice shoppers to come into their stores so that they spend more money than they might have otherwise, credit card companies are offering holiday shopping bonuses to cardholders to get them to spend more money with them. It’s a simple concept, and it works for you, too. When you take advantage of the holiday shopping bonuses offered by many credit card companies, you are taking advantage of savings and deals that will save you double your money; sometimes saving you more than that.

Southwest Rapid Rewards

All right, so this is an airline credit card and I know you’re wondering how this is something that benefits your holiday shopping in the least. With this card, you earn 2 points for every dollar you spend with the airline and its travel partners, and one point elsewhere. However, with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping, you can earn additional points, cash back and other bonuses when you do your shopping. This means you’ll get to choose gifts that work well for your family and friends from the shopping portal and stores such as JC Penney, Best Buy and even Overstock while earning extra airline miles and still making your friends and family happy for the holidays. That’s a holiday shopping bonus you can’t ignore.

Chase Freedom

You already know we love the Chase Freedom card because it offers some of the best cash back rewards in the business. However, right now Chase is offering some holiday shopping bonuses that might sweeten the deal even more. Right now, the rotating categories in which you can earn 5% cash back on up to $1500 worth of purchases include This means that any gifts you order for Christmas this time of year are going to earn you 5% cash back if you purchase them through Amazon. Oh – wait; did we forget to mention that Chase Freedom has sweetened that deal by offering a holiday shopping bonus that means you’ll get 10% cash back on all your purchases from now until the end of the year? You could potentially earn $150 on your holiday shopping.

Discover it Rewards

Throughout the rest of the month, all Discover it cardholders are being offered a few holiday shopping bonuses that includes the ability to earn 5% cash back on all your purchases as well as all your department and clothing store purchases. When you shop through the Discover Deals portal, you earn additional points, too, as well as cash back. This makes all your purchases more valuable and provides you with bigger savings all the way around. It’s a wonderful holiday shopping bonus that’s currently being offered to Discover it cardholders, but only for the rest of the month.

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