Things to Remember When it Comes to Gift Giving

Even though the holidays aren’t even remotely close to approaching, it’s still important to know that the art of gift giving is, in fact, an art. I think about this now, in April, because my husband and I will celebrate our anniversary next month and even though we always swear that the trip we plan for the two of us will be our gift – the gift of time alone and memories to make – we always get something for one another. I spend a lot of time thinking about something meaningful to give my husband and it has occurred to me that not everyone puts the same thought into gift giving. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to giving the perfect gift.

The Art

Gift giving should be considered an expression of love. You give gifts to people you care about; for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and sometimes just because. Each gift is something that shows you are thinking of that person and you care for them greatly, and great thought should be put into giving gifts. This doesn’t mean gift cards aren’t appropriate – but when you put thought into the card you are giving, it does offer more meaning.

Gifts are Given Freely

No one earns or deserves gifts; you give them gifts freely because you care for them and want to celebrate them. Do not purchase a gift for someone because you feel obligated. Purchase a gift because you want to show you care.

Gifts Do Not Have to be Expensive

Gifts are not gifts because you spent a great deal of money on them at someone’s favorite department store. I’ve surprised my husband with gifts as elaborate as a trip to Hawaii and as simple as a photo book documenting our life together from the day we met until our children were born that I spent months creating online. Gifts are from the heart, and no one said the heart has to be pricey.


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