Ten Must Have Black Friday Apps

Black Friday Apps

There is one tool that has been designed to help you get through the Black Friday shopping craze more efficiently and better than ever before; Black Friday apps. We’ve learned in the past decade just how important technology is to the world, and how much it has changed the face of the world as we know it. So, why  not take advantage of all that technology has to offer and use Black Friday apps to help us make the most of our shopping experience. It’s not all that often we get to shop with the help of a tiny computer in our pockets that shows us where to go, what to get and how to get there the best and most efficient way possible.

Now we have Black Friday apps that are designed to organize our shopping lists and coupons, to find us a parking space and even to tell us where traffic is light or heavy – and even where to find the police so that we know to avoid those areas. Black Friday apps are not just about finding deals; they’re about making the entire day and shopping experience a little more manageable and user-friendly. That’s why we are in love with these 10 genius and innovative Black Friday apps, even if they’re not exactly Black Friday specific. Each one is designed to help you in a way that makes Black Friday easier to navigate, and each one is going to come in handy this Black Friday. Try these Black Friday apps to make the most of your day out of the house, your shopping and your budget.

LifeLock Wallet

This is the most important app you will have on Black Friday. This Black Friday app is going to keep both you and your finances safe on this day. I like to say that you should shop without cash this day since there are so many crazies out there and so many people looking to grab a wallet or handbag that’s not being guarded totally and completely at a moment’s notice. If your cash is in there, it’s gone for good. However, you can protect your credit cards if you have to. You can keep all your information from your credit cards on this app – as well as your insurance information and so much more. If your wallet is lost or stolen, you have this information on hand to call and cancel your cards, have new ones issued and even finish your shopping if you want. It’s a lot safer than the alternative, and that’s why we are hailing this one of the top Black Friday apps to have this year.


Since safety should always come first in every situation, this Black Friday app gets second place (but it’s the best one, in my opinion). This killer and amazing app is going to allow you to organize all your rewards cards. Imagine right now 2 dozen rewards cards from every store imaginable all piled up and weighing down your wallet, preventing it from closing (that’s a mental image of my wallet right this very second, in fact). This is an app that allows you to enter your rewards, organize them and know how to best use them. For example, you are shopping but you aren’t sure which of your rewards cards is going to benefit you the most when you use it here or there. This app knows which cards you have, where you are and how to use your rewards cards to earn the most rewards. BAM! That’s how you win Black Friday shopping every single time. We love it; and you will, too.


When it comes to Black Friday apps, this is the Black Friday app of all Black Friday apps. This is a day that is all about saving, right? Well, what happens if you are shopping and you think that maybe, just maybe, that item you want to buy might be less expensive somewhere else. Do you stop and quickly perform an internet search in the middle of a packed aisle in the middle of a packed store? Do you call another store and wait on the line while someone checks on the price of that item for you? Or, do you download this Black Friday app and use it to scan the barcode of the item in which you are interested so you can immediately see if that same item is being offered anywhere else for a lesser price? That’s right; you download this Black Friday app and let it do all the work for you. It’s genius; scan the barcode and see if there is another store nearby with the same item for a lesser price. Talk about huge savings in all the right places. This is what makes this non Black Friday app a Black Friday app.


This is an app I recently discovered on a girls’ weekend trip to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. Since we live only an hour away from the park, I was surprised when one of the ladies brought out her phone and began using what I assumed was her navigation. When I asked her about it, she told me it’s an app called Waze, and she uses it every single time she leaves her home, whether she needs directions or not. The app gives real time traffic updates, shows where they might be a police officer, an accident, a slow-down or anything else that might have an effect on traffic. The app is updated regularly by other drivers so that it’s all real-time information. I’m using this as a Black Friday app so that I can get where I need to go as quickly and as safely as possible without worry that I’ll end up pulled over in the middle of the night.

Black Friday Apps

Find My Friends

This is going to be a huge Black Friday app this year thanks to the simple fact that Black Friday crowds can be a little bit more insane that we all care to imagine. This is an app that allows you to sync your phone with those of your friends and family so that no one becomes lost. Let’s say you have to run into a store for a second and your shopping partner wants to run into another store. You are finished and she’s not back at the designated meeting spot yet, and she’s not answering her phone (her arms are probably full or she cannot hear it in the bottom of her oversized designer handbag). Great; now you’re lost. With this app, you just check out the homepage and see where your friend is located so that you can find her without any issues. It’s a genius Black Friday app that’s going to save everyone a lot of time and irritation.


Anytime I go shopping or out for a while, I get hungry. I want to go eat and I want to make a reservation so that when I arrive I can go into the restaurant and go immediately to my table. Unfortunately, it’s not something that always works since many of the restaurants and locations that are mall-friendly do not take reservations since they’re very casual type locations. With this Black Friday app, however, I can enter my name, choose a restaurant and choose the number of people in my party. It will put my name on a list so that I can either reserve a table or at least see how long the wait is at any particular restaurant. This is going to save me the time and trouble of walking around the entire mall looking for a place to dine only to find out that most everywhere has a long wait. Now I can see immediately and then I can head that direction right now.

The Christmas List

I have not used this Black Friday app yet, but I think I might try it. This app is designed to keep my Christmas list in order, track my receipts and even track my spending and take notes of my Christmas shopping ideas. It’s designed to keep shoppers on track and make sure that everyone is spending what they said they were going to spend, not over-buying for one person and under-buying for another. It’s a great app with a lot of potential, in our opinion. The fact that you can add your shopping list to this app makes it useful and handy in a priceless manner, too. The information you input onto this Christmas list is not much different than the information you’d input into another Christmas list. However, it’s organized and easily accessible on your phone, which does eliminate the need for annoying paper lists and the like.


It’s a cute app, though it’s not for everyone. You can earn what are called ‘kicks’ when you use this app. When you accumulate enough kicks, you get to redeem them for gifts cards. It’s really easy, if you decide you want to do it. The app is free; download it. This is going to be a Black Friday app worth having because you can easily earn kicks in a number of manners. You can earn them just for walking into a store and opening the app. Then you can earn more when you scan barcodes of certain items. Then you can earn even more if you buy certain items. It only takes 500 kicks to start earning gift cards to your favorite stores, and most stores offer at least 100 kicks at a time. The app tells you what it wants you to do, where it wants you to go and it’s basically just using your phone in random stores to earn money. Don’t you do that free of charge as is?

Black Friday Apps

Point Inside

If you are shopping out of town while visiting friends or family for the holiday weekend, or even if you don’t frequent a particular shopping location on a regular basis, there is a way you can find where you want to go quickly and efficiently without wandering aimlessly around or aggravating strangers with your lost-ness. It’s called Point Inside, and it’s a Black Friday app designed to show you where you are, where you need to go and how to shop on Black Friday. It is basically an app that has a map of the place in which you are visiting so that you can see where you are, what’s next to you, where your favorite stores are located, where to find a restroom or where to find a bar. It’s also great for airports, too, so if you are out of town for the holiday weekend, you can find your way back home when your flight leaves (and by find your way back home I mean find a Starbucks or a mimosa when you get to the airport).


Black Friday apps, move over; this one wins. If you are shopping and you have to park in a garage or on a city street to get to your location, this is the app for you. Not only does this Black Friday app allow you to find a parking garage, space or lot, it also allows you to book and reserve your parking spot in advance. That’s one way to beat the crowds and steer clear of the traffic when it’s time to shop on Black Friday. It also reminds you where you parked your car and how to find it at the end of the day when you are done shopping and so tired from being up all night that you cannot even think. Trust me, this is a Black Friday app that will really come in handy when you need it most.

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