Target: 4 Insider Tips for Saving Money

Target; it’s a favorite place for many. Personally, I prefer a Super Target to a regular one and really don’t bother unless it’s a Super Target. However, most people just don’t care. I see it on Pinterest, I see it in Facebook, I see it everywhere; women love Target. It’s like an addiction they can’t break. So, in the interest of making women everywhere salivate with excitement and happiness, I’m sharing some information I happened to come across. It’s about sales and saving money at Target.

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Target Red Card

Even if you don’t qualify or want a Target credit card, you should sign up for the Target Red Card. It allows you to save 5 percent on all purchases and you get free shipping at The card is connected to your checking account, so essentially it’s a debit card that can only be used in a Target store, or online at

Target Coupons

When you shop at Target, it’s easy to save by using coupons. The store, much to my surprise, allows you to combine coupons from manufacturers and from the store. Now, I didn’t know the difference so let me explain it to those who also don’t know. A manufacturer’s coupon is one directly from the maker of a product. For example, you might find that Pampers has a coupon in the paper for $5 off your next Pampers purchase and Target has a store coupon for $5 off a Pampers purchase. You may combine these two coupons on your purchase.

Target Mobile Coupons

If you’re like me and you’re not into couponing, you might still know a little something about mobile couponing. I’ve always thought of it as promotional codes and coupon codes when you make an online purchase, but there are such things as mobile coupons you can download onto your phone and hand over at the register to save at Target. If you want to take advantage of this type of coupon, you can text 827-438 and you will receive mobile coupons to use.

Use Cartwheel At Target

Cartwheel is a terrific mobile app developed by Target, but you can also print out your cartwheel coupons from home and bring them to the store. Cartwheel can provide you with the biggest savings possible when you combine it with a manufacturer’s coupon, Target coupon, a rebate offer, the 5% Target Redcard offer, and a gift card offer. If you need a product that has all of these offers available, you’ve hit the couponer’s version of a grand slam. Regardless, any combination of offers with Cartwheel will save you some serious cash.

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