Stop Impulse Shopping To Have More Money In Your Bank Account

Impulse shopping can be defined as shopping you did not plan to do but did because the item was in front of you and the temptation was too much.  Impulse shopping is done without thinking about it beforehand.  And it happens to all of us at one time or another.

Impulse shopping can blow your budget in a hurry and quickly put you over what you planned to spend.  But there are ways to avoid impulse shopping if you plan ahead on how to deal with the temptation of shopping without thought of the consequences.

Sticking to the list is a great tip to help you avoid impulse shopping.  This works because if it isn’t on the list then it doesn’t get bought.  That is the rule and if you stick to it, you win.  This tip is most helpful in grocery shopping because that is the type of shopping you most often use a list with but can help in other kinds of shopping, as well.

Many couples have a rule that they must check with each other if a purchase is over a certain amount.  This is a good idea because it helps you to stop and take a minute to consult with your spouse and hopefully one of you will think the purchase through clearly.

If you are single or don’t have such an agreement with your spouse you can use this rule.  Make a decision that for any purchase over fifty dollars, or an amount you choose, will be thought about for at least 24 hours before you purchase it.  This will help you to keep from buying something on the spot.  You can go home and think about it and if you feel it is worth it, go back the next day.  Many times the item will lose its appeal over the 24 hours.

Following these tips will help you to avoid falling into the trap of impulse shopping.


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