Stop Impulse Buying Once And For All With These Simple Steps

Impulse buying is a very hard habit to break out of but you can do it.  First, let’s think about why people choose to take part in impulse buying.  Generally, if people fall prey to impulse buying they feel like they are buying something because it is a good deal, they find it attractive, or have a moment of weakness.  They may be a person who is easily influenced by others.  Salespeople love impulse buyers because it almost always equals a sale.  Impulse buyers may be people who are not good at saving.

So how can people who are guilty of impulse buying break the habit?  They can shop with a list.  For example, if they are shopping for jeans for their teenage son and sneakers for their preteen daughter then that is all they need to look at in the store.  There is no need to wander through other departments if they don’t need to purchase something from there.

They can set a reward up to have if they reach their goal.  Maybe they have been wanting a new bathing suit or a new set of dishes.  If they make it so long of a time period that they pre-determine, then they can purchase the item they have been wanting.

They can make a decision that if they do run onto something that they want, they will not purchase it until they have waited a certain amount of time, such as two weeks.  Many times, if they will wait that amount of time they will find that they no longer want the item they thought was so great at the time.

Impulse buying is a habit that can be broken.  Most individuals can break the habit by following these simple steps.  If they cannot, they may have a problem that they need to see a counselor for to resolve.

Image Credit: Caroline Swift


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