Simple Ways to Get Good Discounts on Appliances


Shopping for appliances is a pain in the proverbial bottom. It can be boring, because appliances aren’t nearly as fun to shop for as furniture (it’s fun to play with all the features of a couch you’re sitting on, but you can’t imaginary cook a meal in Sears). However, you have to do it from time to time. Speaking as someone who recently shopped for new stand up freezers to go in my new home that would match all the other brand new appliances in the house, I can tell you that I learned a lot. If there are any malfunctioning appliances, you may need to find a Same-Day Appliance Repair company to have them fixed right away.

The kind of knowledge you acquire after buying new appliances is priceless. Unfortunately, you don’t acquire it until after you’re done shopping and it does you no good at that point. What we have done is taken our knowledge and given you a few tips and pointers that will help you when shopping for new appliances. We’re not going to tell you which kind is best or where to shop; we’re going to tell you how to get some killer discounts on your new appliances. Shopping for appliances that are not even close to full price is always fun.

Shop During Holiday Sales

One of the first things that go on sale during the holiday weekends throughout the year are appliances. They’re always 25-40% off at the register. Do your shopping now. It’s nice to get a stainless steel fridge that was $1999 on sale for $1199. It makes it that much more amazing, even if you’re pretty sure it’s a few inches shorter than your former fridge, and fitting the milk into it seems more difficult even though everyone else swears it’s the same size.

Check for Coupon Codes

Did you know most major retailers offer coupon and promo codes online? You can find those on the internet and take them into the store with you for a big discount on your new appliances. For example, if Lowe’s is offering a 10% off your purchase coupon online, take that code into the store and use it to pay for that new $1000 oven. That’s a nice $100 off the purchase price, which is big savings.

Check for Imperfections or Floor Models

Sometimes you can save hundreds on an appliance simply by asking if you can have the floor model.  Most stores will not have a problem with this, and they’re even willing to give you a bigger discount if you see that there is a dent or ding on the appliance. It doesn’t always work, but it often does so it doesn’t hurt to try.

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