Score Clothes For Your Family Even When You Are On A Tight Budget

If you are on a tight budget, it can be hard to buy clothing for your family.  Sometimes, it is all you can do to cover the bills and there isn’t enough left over for clothing.  Nevertheless, you still need clothing items and here are some ideas to help you to find them.

One great, no cost way to score clothing on a tight budget is to use hand me downs.  If you have anyone in your family that has children that are a bit bigger than your children are, they may be looking for someone to take their children’s clothing when they outgrow it.  Let them know you are interested in the clothing.

Hit yard sales.  You can find a lot of great deals on clothing when you go to yard sales.  Sometimes you hit complete misses but it is worth a try when you are on a tight budget.

Have a clothing swap with others.  A clothing swap is when you gather up all of the clothing that your family has outgrown, doesn’t want anymore or doesn’t need and take it to a get together where others do the same and exchange clothing.  No money changes hands and you go home with a load of clothing that can be useful to you.

You don’t have to count the mall as completely off limits when you are on a tight budget.  You can still shop there for the clothing that your family needs but you need to do so with a different strategy in mind.  When you shop, hit the clearance racks first.   After you go through them, shop for sales within a store.  My personal goal is to never pay full price for an item of clothing unless I absolutely have to have it immediately.

Following these tips will help you to score clothing on a tight budget.


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