Saving Money at the Grocery Store: Shopping Right the First Time

If you’ve ever run into the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk and left said grocery store with only a gallon of milk, the world wants to know how you do it. It is seemingly impossible for the masses to head to the supermarket for a simple one or two item pick-up without leaving with something else. I, personally, do not know anyone who has this capability. In fact, I’ve been to Publix three times this week. Once to grocery shop for the week and twice to pick up a single item (diapers once, and milk the second time. I haven’t left the store without spending at least $75 on any occasion. This discussion is one I hear everywhere, and it’s prompted me to do some research and offer you solutions to your (and my own) bad grocery shopping habits.

Make – and Take – a List

If you sit down on Sunday and preplan your meals for the week, making a list of every ingredient you need and then searching your kitchen for said ingredients, you are more likely to get away with only needing to go to the store one time during the week. This is the best way to avoid overspending. Some people make it a cardinal rule in their home that if they run out of something during the week that is not a necessity (someone said wine, but I think this is a necessity) they will live without it until their next weekly shopping trip.

Take Cash

What happens, then, if you run out of deodorant in the middle of the week? This is definitely a necessity. If you need to run into the store in the middle of the week for a necessity, and you know you’re going to walk out with at least $50 in other purchases, take only the cash you need. For example, deodorant is only $3 or $4 a bottle, so take a $5 bill and nothing else into the store with you. You cannot overspend if that’s all you have on you.

Don’t Shop Hungry

If your idea of a good time to hit the store is after church on Sunday, think again. You’re probably hungry at this time, which means you are more likely to spend more in the store. Instead, shop after a meal, such as after dinner or lunch. You won’t want to buy as many needless – and unhealthy – items.


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