Reasons You Should be Checking Out Nouveau Cheap


If you’re into fashion and beauty – and what woman isn’t? – Nouveau Cheap needs your attention. This brilliant fashion and beauty blog is taking the internet by storm, helping women find bargain beauty and fashion discounts that allow you to look chic and stylish without spending too much. The author finds great deals and offers them to her readers in an easy-to-follow manner that makes shopping so much more fun.

It Saves You Money

When Nouveau Cheap finds a beauty bargain, it’s public almost immediately. For example, when the Too Faced Chocolate Bar went on sale on the HSN site, the Nouveau Cheap blog posted how you can get this $49 item for $29 with step by step instructions, and even advice on how to get the discount if you are already an HSN member.

It Lists Sales

If you’re into fashion and beauty on a budget, you’ll love the fact that this blog lists weekly sales at your local drugstores. You’ll be able to find your favorite designer brand’s drugstore counterparts and you’ll be able to see when they’re on sale so that you can save even more on your beauty purchases.

It Gives Couponing Tips

Couponing seems like a great idea, but it can be pretty daunting for those of us who don’t know what we’re doing. This site provides you with detailed instructions on how to stack coupons for the best, and cheapest, shopping trips. It’s easy to follow and not complicated, so it makes it simple for even the least coupon savvy followers.


Love something free? Who doesn’t? This blog occasionally offers reader giveaways that will just make your day. Free stuff is awesome, regardless, but it’s even better when it’s a fashion or beauty find that you just have to have. Become a follower for a chance to get your own free giveaways.

Reader Tips

If you have a tip that would work in the fashion and beauty industry, you’re free to share with the blog and even get to see your tip listed for other readers. It’s a great way to offer feedback and help women everywhere share in sales, beauty, fashion and little-known tips that make women’s lives that much simpler.

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