Purchases You Should Always Spend More On


Saving is what we love to do, right? We love to tell you how to save money, how to make money and how to live a more frugal and budget-friendly life; it makes things a bit more comfortable and a lot nicer. However, it’s not always a good idea to go for the sale or the money saving options when you’re buying things. What does that mean? Sometimes you have to go for quality over anything else, and that includes savings. Listen; I love a sale as much as the next woman, and I love to spend as little as possible while getting as much as possible. However, sometimes you have to dig into your wallet and spend the money on certain things to make them worth the purchase.


Never skimp on appliances. These are items that have the potential to be very expensive and far costlier than you ever imagined if you do not buy the good ones. Energy efficiency is helpful, too. You can save on your taxes when you buy energy efficient appliances, as well as your utility bills. The savings for good appliances are never-ending.


You need insurance (really, the government now finds it appropriate to fine you money you cannot afford to pay for not having insurance that is no longer even remotely affordable to have). Unfortunately, you might think that paying the least amount every month is the best way to go, and it is not always. Remember; you might have to meet a deductible that is too expensive before your insurance will pitch in at any checkups or appointments, meaning you might end up paying more throughout the year than if you’d just bought a lower deductible plan with a higher monthly payment.


There’s nothing wrong with cheap furniture if you don’t mind buying the same stuff over and over again. When you invest in really nice, expensive furniture, it lasts. This means you won’t find yourself replacing your dining room table or bedroom set every other year. It’s more expensive now, but it’s worth it in the long run as it’s far more affordable that way.

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