Most Popular Squishmallows: Meet the Favorites of 2024

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Plush toys have long been cherished companions for children and adults alike, offering comfort and a sense of whimsy to everyday life. Among these, Squishmallows have risen to prominence, becoming a notable line of collectible stuffed animals since their introduction in 2017 by Kellytoy. These soft, round, and squishy toys are not just a source of cuddles but have also become a phenomenon in the collectibles community, with a variety of unique characters and limited editions.

Squishmallows come in a multitude of sizes and are known for their distinctive softness, which is attributed to their “marshmallow-like” filling. This signature texture is central to the Squishmallow brand, offering an unparalleled tactile experience that’s both comforting and addictive to squeeze. Each character in the Squishmallow family has its own name and backstory, adding to their charm and increasing their appeal as collectible items.

When considering a Squishmallow purchase, attention should be given to the character’s rarity, size, and the material’s quality. The desirability of certain Squishmallows can change over time, with some becoming rare and highly sought after by collectors. Sizes range from small keychain companions to large huggable versions perfect for comfort or display. It’s also important to consider the ease of cleaning the plush, especially if it’s to be a beloved toy for a child.

Our aim is to guide you through the vibrant world of Squishmallows, identifying the most popular characters that enthusiasts are currently seeking. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or hunting for the perfect plush friend, our insights will help ensure you find the best Squishmallow to match your preferences. We’ve dedicated time exploring the charm and appeal behind these plump pals to bring you a selection of favorites.

Most Popular Squishmallows

We’ve researched and identified the Squishmallows that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Soft, cuddly, and coming in a variety of delightful characters, these are our top picks for the most sought-after Squishmallows on the market today. Each has its unique charm and a personality that has contributed to its popularity. As you explore our favorites, you’ll find the perfect squishy companion for yourself or a special someone.

Squishmallows 8″ Mystery Box

If you’re in for a delightful surprise and adore cuddly companions, you’ll love the charm and coziness of these Squishmallows.


  • Each pack is a surprise, making them exciting gifts
  • The soft, marshmallow-like texture is perfect for hugging
  • Machine washable, pretty practical for maintaining cleanliness


  • You can’t choose specific characters, which might disappoint some
  • Mystery packs may include duplicates, especially if you’re a collector
  • At 8 inches, they might be smaller than what some expect

We’ve recently got our hands on the Squishmallows Official Kellytoy 8″ Plush Mystery Pack, and it’s safe to say these little buddies are as huggable as they claim. With three per pack, it’s like a mini treasure hunt, opening the box to find out which characters are inside. The anticipation adds to the fun, making these Squishmallows a hit, particularly for those who love surprises.

Their texture is what stands out immediately. Once you pick them up, it’s hard not to keep squishing them—credit to the super soft, marshmallow-like feel. Handing them over to the kids, they became instant companions during movie nights, evidencing their cuddle-worthy quality.

As for the practicality, these Squishmallows are machine washable, which we find immensely helpful. Given that they’re going to be well-loved and carried around a lot, being able to freshen them up easily is a big plus.

However, not being able to select specific characters means you have to trust your luck. For gift-givers, this should work fine, but collectors might find it less appealing, particularly if they end up with duplicates. Also, be mindful of the size—8 inches is perfect for a little snuggle buddy but may not satisfy those looking for a larger plush toy.

All in all, diving into the Squishmallow world through this mystery pack is quite the treat, especially for those looking to start or expand a whimsical collection.

Squishmallows Mystery 5-Pack

In our hands-on experience, the Squishmallows Mystery 5-Pack is a delightful surprise that offers both charm and softness, making it a hit with children and collectors alike.


  • The element of surprise adds excitement with each unboxing.
  • Irresistibly soft and snuggly, perfect for cuddling.
  • High quality and officially licensed, assuring authentic merchandise.


  • The toys are relatively small, which may not be expected.
  • Price point is a bit steep considering the size.
  • Styles are random, which could lead to duplicates if purchasing multiple boxes.

The excitement we felt throughout the unboxing process is infectious. Every Squishmallow in the mystery pack is a burst of joy, with an array of colors and designs that appeal to a wide audience. Their compact size makes them an excellent travel companion, and they can easily be stashed in a backpack for on-the-go comfort.

We appreciate the soft and soothing texture of Squishmallows as we run our fingers through the plush fabric. Whether resting on the couch or needing a friend to hug after a long day, these stuffed toys are out-of-the-box comfort providers. Additionally, their collectible nature makes them an adorable and sought-after gift for any occasion.

Despite their cuteness overload, the price can make you pause. Value is subjective, but when considering the craftsmanship and the brand’s reputation, one might justify the cost. The only downside is the gamble with potential duplicates; nevertheless, the mystery is part of what makes the Squishmallows 5-Pack thrilling. As collectors and gift-givers ourselves, we find the overall experience with these cuddly creatures to be quite satisfying.

Selassi the Platypus

We find that Selassi the Platypus is an overall excellent buy for anyone seeking a cuddly and comforting stuffed companion, perfect for kids and adults alike.


  • Remarkably soft and plush feel for ultimate comfort
  • Appears larger than anticipated, offering more to snuggle
  • Easy to clean with simple hand washing and air drying


  • Due to popularity, might be a challenge to find in stock
  • Could be too large for smaller toddlers to carry around easily
  • May incur a higher price point as a sought-after collectible

Cuddling up with Selassi the Platypus has been an absolute joy. Its ultra-soft material makes it a prime snuggle buddy during movie nights or while lounging on the couch. We’ve noticed the vibrant green color stands out, and the fuzzy white belly is an adorable touch.

Our experience has shown that Selassi is more than just a plush toy; it has quickly become a comforting presence in our space. For any long trips in the car or flights, we’ve found it to be the ideal travel companion, especially for children seeking a sense of security.

Despite its size, which may be bulky for tiny arms, Selassi has proven durable and maintainable over time. A simple hand wash was enough to clean off accidental spills, and it air dried with no loss to its squishiness. We’re confident it will endure many more cuddles and adventures.

Seamus the Green Cow

If you’re seeking a cuddly companion with a unique twist, Seamus the Squishmallow won’t disappoint.


  • Irresistibly soft and comforting to hold.
  • Whimsical design adds fun character to any collection.
  • Easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting freshness.


  • Might be too large for smaller children to carry around.
  • Limited availability can make it difficult to find.
  • May not resemble a typical cow, which could be off-putting for purists.

Seamus quickly became our go-to for movie nights and cozy evenings. Clutching the velvety, mint-green fabric makes lounging on the sofa even more relaxing. As a standout member of our Squishmallow squad, his bird whistles brought unexpected smiles and a touch of nature to our urban abode.

We especially appreciated how simple it was to keep Seamus clean despite frequent snuggles. A quick hand wash and he was back to his pristine self, ready for our next adventure, be it a road trip or just a jaunt to the backyard.

That being said, Seamus’ considerable size might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Toddlers might struggle to lug him around, which limits his portability. His unique appearance, while endearing to us, might not sit well with someone looking for a more traditional plush cow. Plus, the hunt to find Seamus in stock was a journey in itself – but one that we felt was well worth it once he was ours to hug.

Rachel: The Snuggly Shroom

Rachel is an excellent choice for collectors or for those seeking a cuddly companion; her softness and size offer comfort and charm in equal measure.


  • Incredibly soft and squeezable material offers excellent snuggle quality.
  • The large 14-inch size makes for a substantial cuddle buddy.
  • Unique tie-dye design, ideal for collectors looking for a distinctive addition.


  • Might be too large for small children to carry around easily.
  • Tie-dye pattern means each one is different, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • Handwash only; not the most convenient cleaning option.

Whenever we have movie nights, Rachel has become an essential part of our relaxation ritual. The ultra-plush feel is undeniably soothing, and she’s sturdy yet squishy—the perfect companion for any couch lounging session.

Her unique appearance draws attention and compliments from guests. The vibrant pink tie-dye design brings a splash of color to any room, seamlessly blending with other pillows or standing out as a cute, eye-catching statement piece.

Traveling with Rachel, we’ve noticed how she can be a comforting presence for anyone, not just the little ones. In the car or on a plane, Rachel’s plushness is a welcome addition for resting your head or even just hugging during a nap. Despite her size, which might be unwieldy for smaller kids, she’s become a favorite for us to bring along on trips.

Andreina the Butterfly

We find that Andreina the Butterfly is a delightful addition to any Squishmallows collection, offering both charm and comfort.


  • Unbelievably soft texture
  • Adds whimsy to any space
  • Machine washable for easy care


  • May be too large for small spaces
  • White belly prone to visible dirt
  • Higher price point compared to smaller options

After spending some time with Andreina, we’re captivated by her plushness. She’s not just another stuffed animal – the high-quality materials give her a superior feel that’s hard not to keep touching. It’s like snuggling a cloud, bringing an instant smile to our faces.

Every room gets a pop of color with Andreina perched on a shelf or nestled in a cozy reading nook. Her charm isn’t just in the vibrant pink of her wings – it’s also in the joyful personality that seems to radiate from her. She’s become our go-to when we need a comforting hug or a cheerful presence nearby.

Care and maintenance are a breeze with this plush. When she starts showing signs of love and adventure, a simple hand wash and air dry have her looking as pristine as the day we met. It’s reassurance that Andreina’s sparkle isn’t fleeting, but a lasting part of her charm.

Anya The Caticorn Mermaid Squishmallow

We think Anya The Caticorn Mermaid is a delight for those who cherish cozy companions for their aquatic adventures or snuggly study sessions.


  • Incredible softness enhances snuggling experiences
  • Durable and easily washable, ensuring long-lasting fun
  • Adorable mermaid-cat character that sparks imagination


  • A higher price point compared to other plush toys
  • Might be too large for smaller children to carry around comfortably
  • Limited in terms of play features aside from its cuddliness

Cuddling up with Anya The Caticorn Mermaid can turn any ordinary afternoon into a magical one. Her marshmallow-like texture invites the most comforting embraces, and having a squishy companion by our side during movie marathons or long car rides always seems to make the time pass more sweetly.

Maintenance of this plush brings no trouble at all. Despite her adventures diving into the depths of both play bins and bedspreads, Anya remains in pristine condition wash after wash. Her enduring construction has withstood the rigorous love only a child can give.

Anya doesn’t just sit on the shelf; her enchanting backstory fuels our little explorers’ creativity. Whether we’re planning a deep-sea expedition or unravelling the mysteries of ancient civilizations, Anya the Archaeologist successfully leads our imaginative forays into the unknown.

Comfy Disney Marie Squishmallow

We find this Squishmallow to be an absolute delight, combining Disney charm with exceptional coziness, ideal for Squishmallow enthusiasts of any age.


  • Super soft, creating a comforting snuggle buddy
  • Washable, allowing for easy cleaning
  • Authentic Disney licensed, making it a collectible


  • Could be too large for some personal preferences
  • Front bow may not stay upright
  • Premium price for a plush toy

The Marie Squishmallow has quickly become a treasured addition to our collection. With its ultra-soft texture, hugging it feels like squeezing a cloud. Its size is just right for a soothing cuddle session, proving to be a hit with both children and adults alike.

Our experience with this plush has been nothing short of magical. The attention to detail is evident in Marie’s design, from the plush pink bow to the adorable tail. Having this Squishmallow as a companion during long car journeys transformed dreary drives into cozy adventures.

As seasoned Squishmallow collectors, we’ve seen many, but the Disney Marie stands out. It’s easy to wash and dry, which is essential after it becomes the go-to comfort item. Despite its slightly higher price and the minor inconvenience of the floppy bow, this plush remains a favorite, especially for Disney Aristocats fans. Joining the Squish Squad with this item seems like whisking off to a dreamland of plush comfort.

Wanda The Watermelon Squishmallow

We think you’ll adore Wanda the Watermelon Squishmallow for her cuddly nature and the charming touch she adds to any collection.


  • Ultra-soft, marshmallow-like texture that’s perfect for hugs
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Large size that doubles as a comfy pillow


  • Takes up considerable space due to its size
  • May not fit into every budget
  • Limited edition could lead to availability issues

Machine washing Wanda has always left her looking fresh and new without any hassle, a real plus for us. We’ve noticed that her fabric remains plush and the stitches intact, even after several cleanings.

Her size is perfect for snuggling during movie nights. We’ve often used Wanda as an impromptu cushion or pillow, and she never fails to spring back into her plump shape.

However, if you’re tight on space, be aware that Wanda’s sizable presence might take up more room than anticipated. While she’s certainly irresistible, the price point might not align with everyone’s plushie budget. Her popularity often means stock runs out quickly; we recommend acting fast to make her part of your squad.

Reshma the Cow

Bringing Reshma the Cow into our collection has been a delight, making her a top pick for both the young and young at heart.


  • Exceptionally soft, enhancing the cuddling experience
  • Sturdy and holds its shape even after many hugs
  • The design and color are visually appealing


  • Limited to surface cleaning which may not be as thorough as a machine wash
  • Could be too large for very small children to carry comfortably
  • Availability may be an issue due to its popularity

What a joy it’s been to have Reshma join the squad! It’s hard to find a plush that is both incredibly soft and has the ability to bounce back to its original fluffiness after being squished, but Reshma does just that. The light pink fur is silky to the touch, and the cow’s large, friendly eyes are instantly endearing.

The charm of Reshma isn’t just in how she feels, but also how she looks. With her pastel coloring and cute purple bandana, she brightens up any room. Kids have been lugging her around during movie time, and she’s quickly become the guest of honor at teatime.

In the few weeks since Reshma came into our lives, she has been through a lot, from being the centerpiece of a pillow fort to joining on long road trips. She’s been snuggled to sleep by kids and used as a comforting armrest by adults. Despite all of this, she’s maintained her shape and her fur still feels like new, testifying to her top-notch quality.

Buying Guide

Assessing Quality and Softness

When selecting the ideal squishmallow, we prioritize quality and softness. It’s vital to check the plushness and the resilience of the material. Squishmallows of high quality are made from superior spandex and polyester fibers, offering long-lasting softness and durability.

Size Matters

Squishmallows come in a variety of sizes, usually ranging from 3.5 inches to 24 inches. We choose the size based on intended use—smaller for a travel companion, larger for a snuggly bedroom accessory.

Care and Cleaning

We look for squishmallows that are easy to clean. Machine washable ones are preferable, ensuring they can be maintained with minimal effort, retaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Safety Standards

Especially when buying for younger individuals, we consider safety certifications. Non-toxic materials and appropriate construction that meets safety standards are paramount in our selection process.

Price Comparison

Price is an important consideration. We recommend comparing prices across retailers to find the best deal, but without compromising on quality. Remember that higher-priced does not always equate to better quality.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, we always check customer reviews to gauge satisfaction levels and to understand common issues or praise points. This helps us to make an informed decision.

Consideration Details
Quality Look for high-quality spandex and polyester fibers.
Size Select a size that fits the intended purpose.
Cleaning Prefer squishmallows that are machine washable for ease of maintenance.
Safety Ensure all materials are non-toxic and meet safety standards.
Price Compare prices, but consider quality over cost.
Customer Reviews Read reviews for real experiences and feedback.


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