How To Shop For Gifts On a Budget

You have many people you buy gifts for throughout the year; your spouse and kids, your parents, your in-laws, nieces and nephews, various other relatives and friends.  So, how can you shop for all those gifts on a budget?  There is a tried and true way.  I have been using this system for years and it has worked for me without fail.

Step one is to create a master plan.  This is a good thing to do on January 1st, but can be started at any time that works best for you.  To begin, sit down now and type up a list of everyone you buy gifts for throughout the year and for what occasion.  The key is to put it in chronological order.  First on your list is all the gifts you buy in January, for whom and most importantly, how much you plan to spend on that gift.  Be reasonable.  How much can you really afford to spend on each person?  Just a reminder; the amount of money spent on a person does not equal the love you have for them.  It means that is what you can afford and not overextend yourself.  After your list of January gift giving events is complete, move on to the next month.

Once you have your master plan in hand, you are ready to shop, but you need to broaden your horizons on how you currently think of shopping.  The key here is to buy gifts on a budget, not to buy the next thing needed on the list.  This means keeping your entire list of gift buying occasions in mind.  If you find a great deal on a potential gift buy it while it’s are on sale and put it back.

This works.  I have proven it over and over.  As an example, I am already finished shopping for my niece and all four of my nephews for next Christmas.  By watching sales, as winter clothes were marked down, Aunt A. got them each a pair of cute pajamas and added a book.  Each has a gift for a little under ten dollars.

Give it a try.  You will be amazed at the amount of money you save when you shop for gifts on a budget.


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