10 Hilarious Impulse Buys That Will Have Yours Beat


Everyone in the known universe has made a purchase they regret.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they made the purchase on impulse.  Impulse buying is a very specific action.  It’s the result of seeing something shiny, sparkly, or attention grabbing, and then once you see that product you just buy it immediately with zero thought whatsoever.  Another thing to note is that not every impulse purchase you’ve ever made was even that bad.  Sometimes we buy products on a whim and they turn out to be huge successes in our household.

But I think for the most part you can agree with me that if you’re going to be making a fair share of impulse buys, they won’t all be the best decisions you’ve ever made.   In fact if you’re doing too much impulse buying you might want to read our article on fighting the psychological urge to spend money.   But this article isn’t about telling you what you’re doing is wrong (even though impulse buying is essentially wrong).

It’s about celebrating the follies in our ways and getting a huge laugh out of them.   I came across a Reddit thread that was posted a few years back.  The title of it was, “What is the worst impulse purchase you ever made?”  There were over 5000 replies to this question ranging from downright absurd to purchases you probably wouldn’t think were even a big deal.   I found 10 that I found to be exceptionally funny and will be quoting them directly here.   Chances are you never made these mistakes but you gotta laugh at these.  Here are 10 hilarious impulse buys that will have yours beat:

Getting drunk and ordering bagpipes

I bought the bagpipes about 6 years ago with my first tax return and they cost about $167 off ebay. I don’t know what brand/type they are. I tried to play them once or twice but I could only make the majestic sound of an elephant dying. I’m selling them to a friend whenever I get around to finding all the parts.

The 13 year old who wanted a plane

I know these feels, saved up all my pocket money (like $300, at the time it was BIG money for a 13 year old) and purchased a fancy RC plane. Against all the warnings of my parents saying, “Wait a bit, practice and then try fly it.” NOPE, wasnt having any of that.  Got my whole family to come down to the local park to see my maiden flight, it took off and everything seemed great, a pilot in the making you could say. All of the sudden the wind was like “Oh hey, did you mean to put this up here? Let me just bring it back down for you…” HARD, it smashed nose first into the ground and exploded into a thousand pieces… Right infront of 13 year old me and my whole family who are trying not to laugh and show signs of sympathy. I learned that day that if you are going to put something up in the air, you have to accept that it may come back out of it and into the ground, ruining your dreams and basically making life pointless.

50 lbs of glitter

It was at a yard sale, and i just had to buy it. $7

Pharmaceutical grade caffeine

Half a kilo of 99% anhydrous pharmaceutical grade caffeine. What am I even going to do with it? I don’t even consume that much caffeine normally so i don’t know why i bought a half kilo of it.  Just putting it into mason jars caused me to stay up for almost an entire day because of the dust I inhaled.


A small parcel of land in Scotland. I’m a Lord now, though.

Pokemon Cards – a lot of them

Last year I decided to buy what I never could in my childhood. 4000 Pokémon cards. To this day I don’t know what made me do it.

Not just any boat

A boat. No, not a $400 dinghy that was on sale at Bass Pro Shops; not a $50 canoe with a hole in it from Craigslist… A $46,000, 26 foot long cabin cruiser. I “got a deal” that I apparently couldn’t refuse. I have used it three times in the past 4 years. It costs me $200 a month to store it. I cry every time I think about it.

Wait for it

I made 2 of my worst impulse purchases in one day. I got my first salary at my first job at the age of 18. I decided to spend it on something cool, so I bought a $300 guitar.  Needless to say I didn’t know how to play. When I got home my parents started screaming at me about how I was immature and couldn’t plan my expenses, so I went out and decided to buy something very practical that would definitely prove them wrong. I came home with a $500 frying pan.

Cat statue

One time I bought a huge oriental cat statue that just waves it arm….forever. I gave it to my girlfriend on Valentines Day because I forgot a present.

How do you get these on a cruise ship?

Not me, but a friend bought $1200 worth of dieting pills on a cruise ship.



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