Five Clothes Shopping Habits You Need to Break Now


We love shopping, and we hate shopping. We love new things, but we hate the process of finding them. We hate it because shopping can be such a stressful and depressing moment in all our lives. We go to our favorite department store, we pick up our favorite pieces and we head to the fitting room. We then spend a few moments trying on gorgeous pieces that we somehow feel are hideous on our horrible, ugly, disgusting bodies and we fall into a helpless pit of despair. Maybe it’s not that drastic for everyone, but most of us do walk into fitting rooms and see something that’s not there. Jiggly arms, thighs we hate, is that back fat all of a sudden, do I need a little lift here and a little restructuring there, I need to get to the gym, why am I so pasty, my hair needs fixing, stat. It is an ugly cycle that so many of us get into; it’s habit. We have shopping habits – the good, the bad and the ugly. And it’s time we stop them now.

Stop Buying Because it’s Cheap

Just because something is on sale for $10 from $100 does not mean you need to buy it. It’s not a good deal if you’re never going to use it, you know? How many times do I walk into Nordstrom and buy a dress simply because it’s 75% off the original price, made by my favorite designer and something I will never wear because it’s really not my style, color or taste? Too many times, to be honest; and I have a closet full of clothes still with tags that I will never wear because, hey, it was on sale!

Stop Buying the Wrong Size

If it does not fit you now, it will not fit you later. Do not buy a size down and say, “I’ll lose five pounds and make it fit,” and then leave it in your closet. Or worse – try to stuff yourself into it. Buy the right size and have things altered and taken in if you really lose weight and need that difference.

Stop Hating Your Body

Hey guess what? You’re gorgeous and it doesn’t matter your size, shape or pasty pale skin (trust me, I’m the saddest lifelong Floridian on the planet because I am always so pale and have no excuse). It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22; if you rock it, you look amazing. Without confidence, you can’t look good in anything. So stop hating your body and start buying clothes that flatter you instead of hide you. The more confident you feel, the more gorgeous you will look to everyone around you.

Stop Buying Clothes that Don’t Flatter

Who cares if crop tops are in style? They don’t look good on anyone but 18-year-olds, and even then it’s not a style that looks classy or elegant, just trashy. So stop buying it. Things that don’t flatter you aren’t going to start flattering you just because the newest trends want you to buy them. Find what works for you and buy those pieces. It’s always better to be elegant and comfortable than it is to be trendy and uncomfortable.

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