Where to Find Discount Contact Lenses


Every year when I make my appointment with my optometrist, I wonder if my prescription will have miraculously improved and my eye sight will be better. Why, you ask? I have no issue wearing my contacts all day and my glasses around the house in the evenings, if that’s what you’re wondering. But I do have an issue with paying hundreds of dollars for contact lenses and glasses every year because I have such complex, horrible vision that requires so much help to fix and make appropriate enough for me to actually be able to drive anywhere. However, that’s not the thing that bothers me the most. My insurance reimburses me 80% of the cost of my contacts, so it’s not like I’m paying anymore than what someone would  pay for a normal prescription, but it’s so much paperwork and so much time and effort to make that reimbursement happen that it’s almost ridiculous. While I have not found anywhere in which I can get what you might call discount contact lenses, I have found that there are places you can go other than your optometrists’ office to order contacts and make them a bit cheaper.

You can go online to professional contact lens suppliers and have them shipped to you, provided you have a prescription and your doctor is willing to verify that prescription when your order is called in. The key is to order in bulk. While it might seem cheaper to buy a box at a time (and did I mention that I can’t just do a box at a time for myself since both eyes have vastly different prescriptions?), it’s actually far more cost-effective to order a bunch at a time so that you can get a discount by the box. We recommend doing this and getting your year supply all at once to ensure you are getting the most value for your money.

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