How to Score a Black Friday Deal Without Ever Leaving Home

Shopping for Black Friday deals at home

Looking for a great Black Friday deal without leaving home? Send your mother/spouse/father/kids/in-laws out into the craziness for you! Kidding; well, kind of. I mean, if you have someone who is willing to do your Black Friday deal shopping on your behalf at 3 am while you’re snug as a bug in your comfortable bed after a long, fun-filled day of gorging eating amazing food and spending time with family you suddenly remember why you only see them once a year love, go for it. I mean, I would. A Black Friday deal sounds even more like a deal when you’re snagging it asleep in your own bed.

If you don’t have a loving friend or family member willing to do your Black Friday deal shopping for you, though, do not fret. You can still snag some pretty awesome deals without actually leaving your house. It’s warm, it’s a pants-free zone and there are no people jumping in front of you, screaming at you or snatching things from you in a hurry (unless you have kids, in which case Black Friday deal shopping outside the home is probably a welcome vacation). At the end of the day, Black Friday deal shopping is a catch 22; you kind of hate the entire idea, but you cannot get over the sales. This leaves you in a pickle (you can put that in a bloody Mary) as to whether or not you should go out or stay in.

I’m a believer in staying in, though my husband and I are going to fight the crowds since my mother-in-law asked if she could stay with the kids to give us a chance to get out of the house. We have four kids; offers like that get an immediate yes. So, we will Black Friday deal shop. But, usually we stay inside. There are so many ways you can score Black Friday deals at home that we cannot pass up the opportunity to keep you comfortable (and out of your way when we shop) by sharing those ideas with you. Here’s how you can score your own amazing Black Friday deal at home.

Shop Online

Oh, Cyber Monday, you say? Well, you can wait until that all starts, but most of the Black Friday deals are now online, too. For example, Black Friday deals being offered at Old Navy are being offered both in the store and online, which means you can take advantage of huge Black Friday savings at home without every worrying that you will not be able to find your deals. While you might miss out on door buster deals online, is that really important in many stores? I love Old Navy for my kids as much as the next woman, but I don’t care if I get mittens for $1 as a door buster. I mean, I live in Florida. I don’t even know what a mitten is. It’s 90 degrees today and I’m probably going to host a pool party on Thanksgiving this year.

The moral of this story is that online deals are usually the same Black Friday deals you find in-store. Check with your favorite stores and must-stop shops to find out if what you want in a store is the same thing as what you want outside of a store for a great deal. You might be surprised just what a deal you can get this way. Shopping for onesies in person with 600 other people, or shopping for onesies as you sip mimosas in your pajamas with no other people? You choose – but do it wisely.

Utilize Online Coupons

Not only are many major retailers offering their Black Friday deals online these days, they are also offering coupons that you can use online to lower the price of your order. You should already be receiving emails from stores you frequent, and many of them come equipped with different coupon codes designed to help you save significantly on your Black Friday purchases. Go ahead and start checking those emails and saving those coupon codes so you can save as much as possible when you look for Black Friday deals online.

Another way to find coupons and promo codes for online purchases if this is how you plan on tracking down your Black Friday deals is to perform an internet search. All it takes is a quick “Name of store promo codes,” search to find what you are looking for. Or, you can sign up for deals and coupons using apps such as SlickDeals, CouponCabin and even RetailMeNot so that you receive alerts and emails notifying you of sales codes you can use when checking out. This could score you free shipping, a percentage off your total order or even a discount on a specific item (or a free gift with your purchase). This is a stellar manner of saving big on Black Friday deals for the entire family.

Check Amazon

Black Friday deal experts recommend that shoppers check for items they want on Amazon on Black Friday for a deal. It seems that over the course of the previous two years, Amazon has been lowering prices on items that are on sale at other major retailers in an effort to price match on Black Friday. The same is likely true this Black Friday, as well. If you see something you like somewhere else on Black Friday, check for a deal with Amazon as the site will likely drop prices significantly throughout the day. This is a great deal especially for those with an Amazon Prime Membership who receive free two-day shipping on all Prime purchases.

According to Black Friday deal experts, this is a site that likes to compete with Walmart and Best Buy, specifically, so it might pose wise to watch as these deals are offered through Amazon as the day wears on. Sales might not be available first thing in the morning, but they will likely begin later in the deal. Keep an eye out for deals like this to ensure you are getting the best possible prices on your Amazon purchases and Black Friday deals – from home.

Shop Pre-Black Friday Sales

All right; here’s a thing that’s a thing. Our two oldest daughters both want Barbie Dreamhouses. I checked to see if I could find it on sale for Black Friday as a deal that might be worth it (since my  kids are known destroyers of all things) and I didn’t see a sale. It’s not listed as being a Black Friday deal anywhere. So I went online to just order two of them from our local toy store. That’s when I heard that Walmart, Target and Toys R Us all have them for $167 at the moment instead of $199 as they are regularly priced. It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but since they’re not something that I can find on any Black Friday sales list, I decided to go ahead and order two of them now since they seem to be a good pre-Black Friday deal.

Some stores are already busting out with their “Black Friday,” starts now deals, and others have started offering Black Friday deals all week, all weekend and into the week following Black Friday. Some places are even offering bigger sales on items as you get past Black Friday and into the rest of the Christmas holiday season. That means you’ll likely find great deals on things that you don’t have to go out and purchase after the biggest meal of the year when you’re tired, probably a little inebriated and definitely tired.

Ignore Black Friday All Together

What’s better than a huge Black Friday deal that saves you a lot of money on your purchases? Not shopping at all on Black Friday and honestly saving a lot of money on everything! In all seriousness, it’s not a bad idea to completely forgo your Black Friday shopping on Black Friday. Sure, you want a good Black Friday deal as much as the next person, but is it really worth it? Shopping experts say no; it’s not always worth it. You can shop in person or online, but most of the best deals of the season are actually offered closer to Christmas. What this means for you is that you are going to find better deals when you save your money on Black Friday and use it to shop another day.

As the weeks pass and Christmas gets a little closer, you will find that it is easier to save money shopping since so many of the deals you’re looking for are getting better and better. We aren’t saying you have to skip Black Friday deal shopping, but it’s not a bad idea to at least consider this as an alternative to shopping for these items right now. Waiting a few weeks might save you even more than any Black Friday deal being offered this week. So, stay home, enjoy your family, sleep in and have a nice day to do something more productive; like shop for a Christmas tree and decorate your house for the holiday now that Thanksgiving is officially over and it’s no longer weird.

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