Costco Announces Official Date to Begin Accepting Visa Cards


If you’re a warehouse club member with a Costco membership, you know that you have to do some serious navigating when it comes to using your payment methods in a Costco warehouse. The store has long since been an acceptance location for American Express cards, but not for other cards. It’s been a problem for those with a Vias, especially, since the store never accepted Visa cards in the past. It was cash, check or American Express. When the company made an announcement several months ago that they would begin to change their cards over to a new membership and partnership with Visa, American Express cardholders likely experienced an inward groan. No longer will the warehouse club partner with American Express; they are about to become an official Visa partner.

The new date for the switch has been officially announced as June 20. If you have a Costco branded American Express card at the moment, it will soon be replaced by a Costco Citi card. It will come to you, so there is nothing you have to worry about in the meantime. If you do not have a co-branded card, it’s no big deal. You can use any Visa card in the store as of June 20. It is important to note, however, that all American Express cards will stop working on this date and no longer allow you to check out when making purchases. It’s time to either switch to a Visa of your own, or start carrying copious amounts of cash or that old dusty checkbook with you when you shop for your favorite warehouse club items when you visit your local Costco. Remember; the date is June 20 and your new Costco card will arrive in the mail prior to the date of the switch for your added convenience.

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