Black Friday 2015: The Ultimate Guide To Savings

Black Friday 2015 deals are already being announced

Black Friday 2015 ads are already leaking, despite the fact that we still have a month to go before the biggest shopping day of the year. This year, look forward to a day of shopping on November 27th, though many retailers will open their doors a day early, the evening of Thanksgiving. A day that was once about getting up and making your way to the biggest stores in the country by 5 or 6 am has changed dramatically in the past few years. Black Friday 2015 might still be about getting the best deals and saving the most money when it comes to Christmas shopping, but it’s changed. Now families are eating dinner practically at breakfast on Thanksgiving Day so that they can get out of the house and in line for the biggest sales of the year by mid-afternoon.

Many stores are now opening their doors for Black Friday shoppers at 6 pm on Thanksgiving evening, a habit that’s excited some and upset others. As Black Friday 2015 approaches, we are seeing more and more families missing members who have to be at work on Thanksgiving Day; a day when every store in the country was closed so that employees could be home with their families in the past. Regardless how you feel about Black Friday 2015 shopping on Thursday, you probably still want to know what you will find in terms of deals, what’s available and when you need to go shopping to get the best deals.

Are Black Friday 2015 deals worth it? Are the items being offered this year worth your time? Is it going to make sense to get out of the house on Thanksgiving night or should you wait until Friday morning on Black Friday 2015? Everything you need to know about the biggest shopping day of the year is right here for you to find out. Right now, we aren’t sure of all the Black Friday 2015 sales and deals since not all stores have announced their sales to the general public just yet. As it becomes closer to the actual day of Black Friday 2015, stores will announce more, leak more and they will all publish their sales in the local paper on Thanksgiving Day.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best Black Friday 2015 shopping, when it begins, what’s already been announced in terms of deals, times and everything else that you need to know about Black Friday 2015 shopping. Get your pen and your calendar out; you’re going to start your Black Friday 2015 planning right here and right now. We have everything that you’ll possibly need to know about Black Friday 2015 so that you get the best deals and still have money left over for the rest of the holiday season. In addition, we’ve added a few valuable tips that will make your Black Friday 2015 shopping that much more successful.

Black Friday 2015 Shopping Tips for Saving

Black Friday 2015 is expected to be the biggest in recent history, but that doesn’t mean you need to go into the day blind. This is a day all about saving money and finding deals, which means a plan of action is necessary so you don’t end up spending foolishly and without common sense. We have a few of the most important tips to take with you as you shop on Black Friday 2015 so that you save money and make the most of your budget.

Create a budget – The best plan of action for Black Friday 2015 is to go into the biggest shopping day of the year with a budget in mind. This helps you not only stay on track but it also allows you to make the most of your shopping experience. Our advice is to create an envelope system. Write the name of everyone on your Christmas shopping list on the exterior of an envelope and then place the amount of money you wish to spend on each person in each envelope. This prevents you from overspending on any given person and also allows you to keep your list in check.

Shop Early – Another great money saving technique is to try shopping on Thanksgiving night. This doesn’t mean you have to leave the comfort of your couch if you choose not to do so. You can shop online or you can head out; it’s your choice. The good news, however, is that there are some serious deals to be had the earlier that you shop as Black Friday 2015 approaches.

Download the important apps – This is what’s going to help you most as you go into Black Friday 2015 to shop. There are apps that work well to ensure that you’re saving as much as possible on top of the deals that retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy are offering in their Black Friday 2015 sales.

ShopSavvy This app is going to allow you to easily scan barcodes as you shop to ensure that there are no other sales even better than this one.

Nifti This is a great app; it’s going to show you whether or not the item you want to purchase now is a great deal or if you should wait. For example, if the Best Buy Black Friday 2015 ad states that there is a flat screen television of a certain size for $300, you can enter it into this app to see if this is the best price you will get or if you will find a better price later based on historical sales data.

Black Friday App – This is the single most important app to have when shopping on Black Friday 2015. This app allows you to carry with you the best deals from store to store without actually taking your newspaper or coupons with you from the paper. It’s also going to help you when it comes to price matching on Black Friday 2015 deals and items. The proof is right there on the app so you’re not stuck going through ad after ad while you stand in line to checkout.

Price Match – Many people are unaware that they can actually do this on Black Friday. Let Black Friday 2015 be the year that you are finally able to price match the items you want most so that you can get the best deals without going from store to store. For example, let’s say that you are need something from the Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad and you also need something from the Best Buy Black Friday 2015 ad, but you need only one thing in Best Buy and 5 things in Walmart. If Walmart has the same item, show them the price match from Best Buy and see if they will honor it – they typically will, and that saves you ample time going from store to store and waiting in long lines.

Use your credit card – This is not my favorite way to spend when you are shopping on Black Friday 2015, but it’s a good idea in many instances. I’m not suggesting you use this route for all your purchases. However, I am suggesting that you use it for a few of them. For instance, anytime you need to purchase something that has an extended warranty, such as a television or other electronic, use your credit card. Credit cards offer extended warranties for items like these without paying for them. Otherwise, the retailer at which you are shopping is going to ask you to purchase an extended warranty, which is sometimes expensive and it’s completely unnecessary when you have your credit card on hand and a free warranty comes with that purchase. Additionally, some people are uncomfortable using this much cash on a day like Black Friday 2015 and others want to earn the rewards and points that are associated with using their cards.

Black Friday 2015 Shopping Tips for Making the Most of your Purchases

Always get the receipt – It’s always a good idea to get the gift receipt, even if you’re sure you’re never going to use it. Get it anyway. There are two reasons. The first is that someone might already receive the same item or it might not fit. The second is that you might find the same item on sale for an even better price later on and that might make it necessary to return this one – something you cannot do without the receipt.

Make a list – And check it twice. Do not go into your Black Friday 2015 shopping blindly. Go into it with a list of what you need, what you want and how much you can afford to spend on these things. It’s always a good idea to spend a little bit more on something that someone really wants than to spend less on things that they don’t want. And a list of who you are buying for and what they want is going to make shopping a lot easier.

Do your research – When it comes to Black Friday 2015 shopping, make time to do your research. What we want you to do is make the day a lot easier for yourself. Get the ads out on Thanksgiving (since this is often the only day that the entire ad is out and the information is 100% accurate as many retailers wait to release all their Black Friday 2015 sales information) and check them out. Make a list of where you want to go and where you can get what you want.

Create a map – It’s a good idea to make a map for Black Friday 2015 shopping. It’s going to help you to ensure you’re getting what you want out of your day, not wasting time and that you have all the locations, hours and sales on hand. Make a map that shows you what stores are open when, where a good place to start might be and then go with that. It allows you to make the stores in time for their door buster deals, it allows you to make the most of your shopping and it allows you to make the most of your shopping.

Check the Store Policies – Returns and exchanges are often necessary during the holiday season, which means you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to do that in advance. Check the policies with the stores you’re shopping on Black Friday 2015 so that you can see whether or not items are able to be returned or exchanged if they are not right, if you find something better throughout the day, etc..

Black Friday 2015 Tips for Shopping Prep

There is one thing that it’s important to remember when it’s time to Black Friday 2015 shop, it’s that you have to prepare for the evening/night/day in advance. It might seem like a shopping trip to you, but there’s a lot you might not know will help you make the most of your time out. Additionally, not everyone has been Black Friday shopping in their past. Some might be pros, some might have gone in the past but don’t go every year, and some people might be going Black Friday shopping in 2015 for the first time ever. We have a few tips here for anyone – pros and newbies – that will help you make the most of your Black Friday shopping trip in 2015.

Skip the Vino – Sorry Black Friday 2015 shoppers, but if you are going Black Friday shopping and you are the driver, you’re going to need to skip the wine when it comes to your Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, it’s not just the wine you have to skip. It’s not safe or responsible to drink it up all day long while you’re enjoying your day with the family unless you are a rider or unless you are staying in. Additionally, it might be a good idea to keep consumption to a minimum in the first place since you do want to be wide awake and ready to go when you’re shopping.

Dress the Part – I know it’s hard for some of us to go out and not dress the way that we like to dress on a regular basis, but you have to dress the part on Black Friday. Sure, a great pair of wedges or heels might be your best friend and go-to shoe, but Black Friday 2015 shopping is not about looking good and wearing amazing shoes. You can certainly look good while shopping, but it’s our recommendation that you do it in flats. Tennis shoes might be the best idea since they often provide the most support, but ballet flats and boots are just fine, too. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, a lot of standing around, and a lot of lugging items in and out of stores and cars. You want to wear the right shoes. Additionally, you want to dress for the weather and wear the right clothes, too. If it’s cold, wear warm clothes. Layers are always a good idea since it might warm up and you might end up too warm in locations where the weather isn’t too cold at Thanksgiving, or ever.>

Eat Up – Sure, you spent all day long eating while you enjoyed time with the family, but it is important to remember that it’s a good idea to eat a healthy meal before you go out, and even to pack some healthy snacks. Black Friday 2015 shopping is going to take a lot out of you, especially if you’re out all night long. A healthy snack with some healthy ingredients is going to make you feel more energized when you are tired, and it’s going to keep you feeling healthy and not down in the middle of the night.

Go Home when you Feel the Need – Sometimes you reach a point of exhaustion. Don’t let this happen to you. The beginning of the night on Black Friday 2015 is filled with adrenaline and excitement, but don’t let that get in the way of getting the rest that you need when you need it. Don’t allow yourself to become so exhausted that you cannot stay upright or drive yourself home.

Bring a Friend – Not only is it more fun to Black Friday 2015 shop with a friend, it’s also safer and easier. For one, you’re going to want a friend with you in some locations to go ahead and get in line while you shop for the items that you want so you’re not in line for hours – some lines are very, very long. Furthermore, you’re going to want a friend with you so that you’re not alone in the middle of the night. Parking lots, dark stores and locations in which there are not too many people are not always safe. We prefer a buddy system in which you can have a friend with you at all times to maintain your safety and your sanity.

Take More than One Car – Not everyone agrees with this one, but it’s important. If you plan on purchasing anything that’s large or sizable or you’re doing significant shopping, bring a second car. You might not be able to fit all your friends and all your shopping in one car, so it’s a good idea to bring more than one. For example, you might have a great trunk in your SUV when you put your third row down but if you need that third row to seat friends, your trunk is not all that large. Remember to do yourself a favor and fill up your gas tank before Thanksgiving, too. Not everywhere is open so that you can stop for gas at all times – and you don’t want to stop in the middle of the night, really.

Charge your Phone – If there is one thing that you have to remember on Black Friday 2015, it’s to make sure you start the evening with a fully charged phone and that you bring a car charger with. You’re going to use your phone a lot, especially if your shopping is done with coupons and other deals that you have downloaded onto a shopping app, so go ahead and work on keeping that phone charged.

Drink the Coffee – Black Friday 2015 is the perfect opportunity for you to try out some of Starbucks’ new holiday coffee flavors; you’ll need them. The caffeine will be good for you to keep you more energized throughout the day. It’s warm, too, which is sometimes exactly what you need when you are shopping in the cold almost winter air. One thing to remember, however, is that places such as Starbucks are not open all night long, and they don’t open until morning. Either bring your own coffee until then or go ahead and make sure that you find another place for coffee before you set your hopes on a Starbucks Venti Latte only to realize that it’s not available.

Stop to Eat – It’s hard not to want to keep going but once morning rolls around, it’s time to stop and eat something. Get your friends together and get something good so that you can re-fuel, energize and take a much needed break. Black Friday 2015 shopping is probably going to be just like Black Friday shopping in years past, which means it’s going to take its toll on you when it comes to needing a break.

Black Friday 2015 Tips for Items NOT to Purchase

Not all Black Friday 2015 deals are going to be good ones. We might not know what they are just yet, but there are trends that seem to stick with Black Friday deals throughout the years. If you’re planning on shopping for certain items, make sure that they are not on this particular list. Historically, some of these items are actually less expensive in real life than they are on Black Friday 2015, and it’s important to know which ones are not worth spending hours in line to purchase on Black Friday 2015.

Winter Weather Clothing and Gear – It’s a common habit for many. You have a great ski trip planned and you want to pick up winter coats and other accessories on Black Friday 2015 to get them cheap, but now is not the time. The best time of year to make purchases such as this is actually summer. These items begin going on sale that time of year, and it’s best to spend money on them when the stores are just desperate to get rid of them instead of when people need them most. Sure, some of the Black Friday 2015 ads you will see leaked in the near future will contain some winter weather gear, but it is just not the time to make these purchases.<

Kitchen Aid Mixers – They’re hot commodities, thanks to Pinterest. It’s my personal opinion that this website has made us all a little bit more likely to want to get into the kitchen and cook things like muffins and cinnamon rolls from scratch, but don’t be fooled. In years past, it seems that Kitchen Aid mixers have been hot items on Black Friday, and they will continue to be hot items on Black Friday 2015. Last year and the year before, for example, they were on sale for $199.99 on Black Friday, and they probably will be on Black Friday 2015. However, they’ve been on sale throughout the year for less than this price by more than $10 at numerous locations throughout the country. This is an item that retailers know buyers want, and they don’t mark down the price as much for Black Friday 2015 as they might a little closer to Christmas.

Toys – What? I know, I know; Black Friday 2015 is all about the toys. Except, it’s not. This is certainly not to say that you should not buy items on Black Friday 2015 simply because they are toys, but you should know that it’s not always a good deal to do so. Something we’ve noticed in Black Friday’s past is that the real deals are gone quickly. The big ticket toys are the ones that sell out right away and most people have no chance of actually getting them when shopping. And not all smaller toys are a good deal. Sometimes I’ve even noticed that stores that are exclusive to toys are more expensive than other stores.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s important to remember that just because you are shopping on Black Friday 2015, you are not going to get everything that you want. It’s impossible to be in more than one place at a time, so the chance of missing out on certain sales, missing out on deals here and there and missing out on things throughout the night are good. Make a list of what you want and prioritize what you need, however, and you will maximize your Black Friday 2015 success stories.

Avoid the Fights

You might see it on the news every now and then; it happens. Shoppers are so hellbent on saving money on items that they actually get into fistfights and altercations in the middle of parking lots and stores, and it is not a great idea. While we really don’t feel as if we even need to mention it, we will. You should be very careful not to engage others while Black Friday 2015 shopping, and it’s always a good idea to just let go of a deal and walk away before you get into an argument with someone who is clearly not thinking straight.

Have Patience

Black Friday 2015 is not magically going to become stress-free when it’s never been in the past. It’s a night filled with anxious people who are sleep deprived and on the hunt for a good deal, and that means sometimes you will not see eye-to-eye on things, and it’s very easy to lose your patience. Don’t; you need to be as patient as possible and calm down before you actually lose your mind on other people.

Use the Internet

Sometimes it’s just more convenient, a much better idea, and a much more informed decision to stay home, off the roads filled with sleep-deprived shoppers and in your pajamas than it is to go out and fight the crowds when shopping on Black Friday 2015. The internet is often full of great deals and sales, and it even have more items in stock than your local stores. Try to keep that in mind and hit the internet whenever you can for great deals. Sometimes stores offer free shipping and other benefits of this nature when you shop online just because they are looking to attract your business.

Remember that sometimes the best sales and the biggest deals for Black Friday 2015 might not happen in store, either. Some of the best deals will be online. If there is one thing that I ask you to remember, it’s this; is a toy cheaper at a store by only a few dollars than online worth the time it takes to stand in line, hope that you get the item and waste time you should be out getting other deals? Or would it be more beneficial for you to spend an extra $10 on a toy online so that you don’t have to fight for it with 100 other people and then stand in line for an hour waiting to buy it when there are other places you could go? It’s a question worth asking.

Our Black Friday 2015 shopping guide is designed to teach you how to save money, how to make the most of the biggest shopping day of the year and how to really enjoy yourself when you are out. Remember to be safe, lock your car and to stay away from helpful strangers. A good deal is always welcome, but not at the expense of your life or your health – so no drinking and driving after Thanksgiving, either.

The most important thing to remember when shopping on Black Friday 2015 is to have fun, remember that material items are not worth your health, your sanity or your safety, and keep your expectations low. You never know what you will get this particular shopping day.

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