Big Ticket Items to Buy and Avoid in January

January is the kind of month in which people buy a lot. It seems a little strange that this innocuous month would be one in which so many people spend money being that it’s right after Christmas and so many of us spend so much on that. However, with resolutions and lifestyle changes made, people like to spend money making sure they can accomplish whatever changes they want to make in the New Year. Just remember, though, that not everything should be purchased in January. Some items should wait for better months.

Fitness Equipment

January is a great month in which to buy fitness equipment to meet your goal of getting fit. It’s deeply discounted in the sale department because manufacturers know people are looking to get rid of holiday weight gain and make good on their resolutions. If you’re going to buy it, now is the time.


Typically, it’s best to wait a month until February arrives to shop for electronics – particularly name brand televisions. It’s during this month that manufacturers make the biggest discounts on these items, which can save you a bundle. Don’t let what look like great January sales con you into purchasing a new television this month; wait four weeks and you’ll realize that you’ll save even more than you originally bargained for.


January is not the best month to buy new furniture. Manufacturers and designers often roll out their new lines in February, which means that January is the month furniture stores clear out current inventory to make room for new furniture. However, don’t let this confuse you; it’s not the best time to buy a new mattress. If you’re in the market for one of these, wait until prices drop to rock bottom in April. You’ll save as much as 70 percent doing so.

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