Bad Shopping Habits to Kick Right Now for Your Financial Future

shopping habits

Do you have bad shopping habits? I know that I do. I’m not perfect by any means, and shopping is certainly my addiction (and my cardio, and my passion, and my favorite way to while away the time). At the tender age of 32, I have had to learn the hard way more than once that while shopping is a lot of fun and there is nothing wrong with it, I have to kick some of my bad shopping habits. They’re not good for my wallet, and they’re just not good habits. When I came across some advice from someone much older than me who told me there are a few shopping habits I have to kick before I reach 30, I was interested. So, if you’re close to the big 3-0, you might want to pay attention now and stop making these shopping mistakes.

Using your credit card

When I was a brand new college student with my first ever credit card, I made the decision to go on a shopping spree. After all, it was free money, right? Wrong. I had a paltry $300 limit, but I blew it inside of two hours on new clothes and makeup; and my parents made me pay it all off that month. I saw immediately that I was unable to do anything else fun the rest of the month with my fun budget since I spent it paying off that card, and I learned very quickly that credit cards are not free money.

Emotional shopping

When I am in a bad mood, having a bad day or upset about something, I shop. I also shop when I’m in an amazing mood, a great mood, a fun mood; whatever my mood, if I’m exceptionally emotional on any level, I will shop. While it’s all right, it’s not a good habit to let go. Emotional shopping can cause financial distress if it’s not in the budget.

Buying what you want when you want it

Part of the thing about being an adult with disposable income is that you can buy what you want, right? My husband and I will buy what we want when we want it because we can, and that’s fine. But it’s not fine if you’re not also thinking about the future and what buying what you want now means then. If you are not saving, you are not in a good financial position or you are not thinking about the fact that buying what you want might mean being unable to buy what you need, you’re not in a good place.

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