Avoid Regret After Your Next Shopping Spree


Ladies, I think we can all agree that there’s something about shopping that just makes us feel good. Buying beautiful items, whether you do it online or in the store, makes you feel like few other things in life make you feel. However, the next day, you might feel something else. It’s called buyer’s remorse and we’ve all been there. How do you make sure your shopping trip doesn’t cause you to feel remorse the following day? You ask yourself these three questions prior to pulling out your credit card.

How’s My Mood?

No matter what you do, never make the mistake of shopping when you’re in a bad mood, an emotional mood, or a sad mood. Shopping in a mood is like hitting the supermarket when you’re hungry. You’re going to purchase items you don’t really want because they make you feel better in the moment, but they’re going to make you feel awful once you realize what you’ve done. Do yourself a favor, next time you want to go shopping, check your mood at the door. If it’s not that good, go ahead and hit the gym or take a walk first to see if you can work out some of your negativity.

Do I Love the Label?

So you really love Christian Louboutin shoes and you really want to buy a pair because of that gorgeous red sole. However, you see a pair on sale for less than $500 and you become excited enough to purchase them. The next day you realize you just bought a pair of the ugliest shoes on earth and you’re never going to wear them, but the label and the sales price tricked you into buying them. Don’t let this happen.

Does it Fit?

All right, I admit that I do have a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress in my closet two sizes larger than my actual size because I picked it up for less than $50 at Saks once. Why? Because it was less than $50 and it’s usually $400! Have I ever worn it? No, because it’s two sizes too big and nothing I do makes it look even remotely decent. Don’t buy things that don’t fit. Try everything on and only buy pieces that fit.

(Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images for Tracy Paul & Company)


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