5 Items That When Bought Make You Eligible for Free Money


Remember that one time you bought something? Yeah, I know; you can’t narrow that down since it happens just about every single day. That’s good, though, so don’t become frustrated. What we’re saying is this; you need to make sure you aren’t losing out on free money thanks to making purchases of a certain type. Not everything that you buy means you get free money or product in return, but there are some things that you might have purchased at any time that will allow you to get some free money in return. There are a handful of class action lawsuits that have been settled in the US that are available for anyone who was affected by the product to earn some free cash. Even if you were not negatively affected by the item you purchased, you should still be aware of the free cash you might get in return. The law states that you are eligible to receive it, and who are we not to abide by the law?

There are some class-action suits being filed and settled throughout the country that will enable those affected and those who didn’t even realize that they were affected to see a little bit of a return on their money. It’s going to make for a good evening for you if you are part of any of these suits and if you qualify for any of these discounts. We recommend that you get involved if you are affected so that you can get the funds you are entitled to. Sometimes people make mistakes, and those mistakes might affect you in a way that is not even noticeable to you. But that doesn’t mean you are not in the right to ask for a refund or settlement for what happened. Here are five that are most likely to affect our readers. Good luck figuring out if any of these items are going to make your life a little bit more profitable in the near future.

Fresh Potatoes

Here’s the deal, if you ever purchased fresh potatoes, you might receive some money back. Strange, I know. But this is what is happening; the potato industry is on fire. They’re working on something called price fixing, and apparently it is not ethical or legal. The settlement happening here is simple, you have purchased fresh potatoes to use at home and you will get something back in return. You do have to follow some simple rules, however, which includes the location in which you bought your potatoes. If you purchased potatoes in the following states between October 14, 2004 and April 10, 2015, you have until October 16 to file suit:










North Carolina

New York




Bank of America and Countrywide Mortgage

Everyone, by this point, knows that Bank of America and Countrywide are facing some serious issues thanks to the fact that they neglected to inform their customers of some very valuable information. This information includes the fact that the company did not provide Georgia homeowners that paid off their mortgages with the proper paperwork and satisfaction information during the allotted time frame. If you qualify for this, you could receive up to $500 for your troubles. The deadline for filing for this settlement is August 24. You’re going to need to prove that you were a Georgia homeowner who paid off your mortgage anytime between February 27, 2007 and April 1, 2015. If you can do that, you will earn a little money from this one.

American Psychological Association Fee

Anyone who is or ever was a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) is entitled to a full refund of membership fees and dues paid. You have to get involved in the suit by October 12. This is because the company led members to believe that the fees for membership were required to maintain membership. They are not. The fees are completely optional for membership, and only required if you wanted to become a member of the APAPO. There was no reason to pay those dues unless you wanted to become a member of the APAPO, and many people are now entitled to the full reimbursement of their fees. Make sure you get in on this one, because you might have paid a lot of money that was not required of you.

Howard Johnson Call

Did you call Howard Johnson from California between February 28, 2011 and March 23, 2012? If you called the reservation hotline in this state anytime during that time frame, you are eligible to receive some money from it. Why? Because the company did not comply with federal law that states that the company is required to inform all callers that they are being recorded so that they know this information. Instead, the company did not inform callers that they are being recorded and now they have to pay up. You might receive a settlement of $140 or more if you can prove that you called the number and were put on hold throughout the reservation process. You need to find out whether or not you qualify now, however, since the deadline for filing is September 5.

Nationwide Discount

If you live in Pennsylvania and you have Nationwide as the owner of your vehicle insurance policies, you might be entitled to a refund. The company was negligent in providing policyholders with the required discount for their anti-theft systems, which means you might be entitled to receive a refund for this. You’ll only need to contact the company and ask them to send you an address verification since the fee is automatically being given to all policyholders who ask for it. Fill it out and send it back by September 30 and you will receive a refund of up to 6% of the full amount of your premiums. This is a big one that will pay out nicely for those who have policies with the company.

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