3 Ways to Make Furniture Shopping Less Stressful

Furniture shopping should be fun, but for the most part it’s a tedious drag. When it comes to shopping for new furniture, you’re likely doing it because you’re remodeling, replacing something a child or animal destroyed or moving. This means you’re already stressed and irritated when you begin the furniture shopping process. Here are a few tips that might help ease your stress; or at least make furniture shopping more enjoyable and/or faster.

Leave the Kids Home

It’s hard to shop for furniture when you have one child jumping on couches and another picking up heavy lamps sitting on glass tables. Leave them home. They’re not bringing anything to the table; they’re bringing the thought that you’re entering a giant Disneyland of things to jump on and smash. And if you ask them what they want, it’s always going to be the denim covered couch with the tables shaped like bunny rabbit tails.

Bring Your Phone With

Take pictures, call your therapist; whatever. What you can also do with your phone while furniture shopping is get online and compare prices of the furniture you like in one store with the same furniture in other stores. Nothing is more annoying than purchasing a living room set in one store and heading to another store to purchase a dining room set only to see the same living room set you just purchased on sale for $1000 less.

Take Measurements With You

You can’t just look at furniture and guess that it will fit the dimensions of your house (honey, are you reading this? Because I’m talking to you). Measure your rooms and write those measurements down. Bring your tape measure with you if you must; just take some measurements with you. Otherwise you’re going to end up with a mess or at the very least, another day of furniture shopping.


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