20 Things Only Moms Know about Christmas Shopping

By Shebudgets

As the mother, I get the distinct pleasure of handling the Christmas shopping for everyone. No one offered me this position as the CEO of the family with any fanfare, it was simply assumed. It reminds me of a conversation with my husband the other night when he failed to think that packing our kids for a sleepover was something he could do. He asked me how he could help and I said, “You could pack the kids,” to which he replied, “Of course. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself.” I then said to him, “Why didn’t you think of that? It’s like common sense to me,” and he said something brutally honest to me: “I don’t have to think of those things because you always do.”

It hit me then that despite the fact that I’m married to a man a million times more helpful than so many men in the world; a man who never hesitates to bathe the kids, make their dinner, do a load of laundry or make the bed, or take the kids to do the grocery shopping with him, I’m hindering him by assuming roles are mine. By dictating what I’d like him to do, I’ve assumed the role of ruler of the house (not that I hate this) and he has assumed the role of being helpful by asking what he can do instead of just doing things. Christmas shopping is one of those things; and that leads me to the point of this little story. Moms know all about Christmas shopping; and I’ll tell you what we know about Christmas shopping. Here are the things only moms know about the race that is known as Christmas shopping.

Christmas Shopping