15 Ways to Make Christmas Shopping Simple


Christmas is less than two months away. If you think you have plenty of time left to begin your holiday shopping, more power to you. However, if you’re not a fan of the busy holiday rush, fighting for parking spots at the mall and standing in long holiday lines, you might want to consider a few ways to beat the holiday rush and make your Christmas shopping and Christmas gift giving less stressful. Read on for 15 tips that will make your holiday shopping and gift giving simple.

Santa Carrying Shopping Bags

Make a List

It’s the single most important thing you can do this holiday season. Make a list of everyone complete ideas, a space to write down what you buy and a pen to cross off everyone you’ve finished shopping for.


Consider your Budget

Holiday shopping is fun, but you don’t want to go into debt buying gifts for people. Keep your budget in check by writing the names of everyone on your list on their own envelope and sticking cash in that envelope. When it’s gone, you are finished shopping for that person.


Use Categories

If you know you’ll need a lot of toys, make a list of all the toys you need to take with you to the toy store. If you’re looking for jewelry, make a list of that for the jewelry store. When you categorize, you make it easier to check everything off your list without forgetting anything.


Shop Online

Shopping online is a simple way to get a lot accomplished. You can save money by checking out the clearance items, buying on days on which sales are happening and buying enough at one online store to receive free shipping.


Use Coupon Codes

By googling the name of the store in which you are shopping, you will find dozens of great coupons you can use to shop online or in store.


Shop a Little at a Time

It can be tiring to try and attempt your holiday shopping all at once. Instead, start shopping now and pick up things at leisure. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve already purchased as you get closer to Christmas.

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Shop Without the Crowd

It might be easier to head to the mall on a day that’s not busy. This means avoiding weekends and evenings. Try going early on a weekday morning when everyone else is at work.


Use Buy One Get One Offers

Toys R Us is big on this during the holidays; if you buy one item made by a certain brand, you get a second item up to the same price by the same brand for half-price. Since kids love toys, this makes shopping simple and inexpensive.


Save Your Receipts

This is something you should know to do, but many people often forget. You might think a gift is perfect, but it might not fit or it might not be just right. Gift receipts are great for this.


Take Advantage of Parties

Your friends are probably always throwing parties at home in which they want you to buy Tupperware, dishes, jewelry or candles. Take advantage of that by using this occasion to shop for Christmas gifts for those you know will love these items.


Take Online Surveys

This is something that might be more useful if you do it from the beginning of the year on, but nevertheless, you can try it. There are a number of websites that allow you to take surveys for points. Close to Christmastime, trade in your points for gift cards and use them to shop.


Use the Internet

Websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial always have great deals, and they’ll allow you to enjoy the holidays a bit more. Buy gift cards, massages, products and even dinners at restaurants for more than half off on these sites.


Plan A Shopping Date

When you shop with a friend or your spouse, it can be a little more fun. This takes away some of the stress when you can shop with someone whose company you enjoy and know that you can stop for a leisurely meal at any point. Good conversation helps.


Ask for Lists

The worst thing you can do is shop without any idea of what people want. Get a list. It’s okay to ask. You need it.


Remember To Give Back to Others

Christmas is not about giving gifts and receiving gifts; it’s about remembering the reason for the season. One way you can give back to others is by volunteering to adopt a family in need, buying gifts for a child on your local angel tree or just volunteering your time to help someone this holiday season. It’s the greatest gift you can give.


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