10 Rebate Sites That Will Pay over 50% Cash Back


There’s nothing wrong with getting a little something back for doing something you’re already doing to begin with. Does that make sense? Let’s look at it like this; it’s not really saving or earning cash back when you buy something you don’t need or even want at this point in your life. For example, if you have a coupon that is good for $1 off 2 packages of baby wipes but you don’t use baby wipes, it’s not ‘saving’ to purchase these items. But it is saving when you earn cash back or save on items you do need. This is precisely why we love rebate sites. It’s a great way for you to earn money when you shop online, and the cash back options that they provide to you are good ones. Not all rebate sites pay very well, but some are paying more than 50% on the things you buy every day.

Essentially, it’s time to pay attention and learn how you can earn cash back and amazing rebates when you shop online. We wouldn’t waste your time if these were not amazing rebates, either. Each rebate site is free to use, so you can enjoy making money on your purchases without putting out any money in the meantime.


This is a site that offers up to 70% cash back on your purchases when you shop through them. You just have to sign up for an account with the company so that you can use it, and then you go ahead and start earning when you shop. You won’t get this much every single time, but anytime you purchase something you would have purchased regardless and get cash back, it works out quite nicely for you and your wallet. Your earnings will add up nicely and very fast, and that means that you’ll end up with big payouts anytime your account is ready to cash out.


This is a favorite app since you can use it in many ways. You can shop through the rebate site and get cash back on your purchases, or you can scan your receipts after you go shopping to receive cash back points in the site. It’s a nice way to earn a little bit of money every single time you head to the store or order something online.

Mr. Rebates

To make this worthwhile, sign up. You get a $5 bonus and earn as much as 30% cash back anytime you make a purchase. Once you are done with that, you have to get your friends to sign up, too. This makes your cash back percentage higher since you get $5 back every single time a friend signs up and lists you as their referral. Additionally, you’ll get 20% cash back on your friends’ purchases without them losing anything in return. This puts your earnings well above 50% cash back when you shop, making it worth the time and effort it takes to get there.


With more than 1,200 stores to choose from, it’s easy to save money using this rebate site. The amount you earn varies based on the items you purchase and the location from which you purchase, but it’s significant. It also helps that this is a site that also offers coupons so that you can save and earn at the same time.


You can earn a lot of money back with this site, but you cannot do it without adding to more than just your online cart. You also have to participate in the surveys and questionnaires that appear on this site, too, so that you can earn more back and make this worth the time and effort that you will put into using it. It’s a nice site, but it’s not one that you will earn much cash back on without using the extras that the rebate site offers to users.


You have to be a pretty frequent shopper to earn on here, but you can do it. With earnings as high as 25%, you can earn significantly. However, you can also earn more in other ways, such as earning flat fees for signing up for a new account or by referring friends and family to use the site. It’s a simple concept, and you’ll find that you can earn significantly.


This is not a site that offers more than 50% by itself, but it does count since they do ‘price match’ and will offer an additional 25% back if you find a percentage of cash back that’s better than theirs. For example, you will be able to see that you can earn 30% cash back on your purchases. If you find the same item for a higher cash back price elsewhere, you then get the new price plus an additional 25% cash back. That’s more like 55% cash back.


The amount you earn on rebates through this site changes based on where you shop and what you want, but they’re pretty significant in comparison to other rebate sites. You can cash out your account when it reaches $10 and makes it 90 days past your purchase, and you can earn every single time you shop.

Coupon Cactus

When you make a purchase through one of their participating stores, this rebate site offers up to 30% cash back on most purchases. Other purchases, however, offer even more than that. What we mean is that you will find purchases that earn a specific dollar amount (up to $63 dollars) back as a flat rate on your purchases.


This is an interesting site in that it changes from store to store and department to department. You get a certain percentage of points credited to your account when you make purchases at certain sites. Basically, you get to get one swagbuck for every dollar you spend, which adds up. You then get to trade in your swagbucks for gift cards, including PayPal gift cards, which work just like cash in any place that accepts PayPal as payment.

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