Second Marriages Come With A Few Benefits

A lot (really, a LOT) of people are either entering into or already involved in their second marriages. While some people might consider a second marriage a sign of one pretty big failure, many people forget to look at the advantages of being married twice (I’ve been known to joke with my husband that if anything ever happened to him and I remarried, I’d be a much better wife the second time around because of all that I’ve learned since I married him almost nine years ago). Second marriages are not the big, ugly scarlet letter they once were. Here are a few of the advantages of being married for a second time.

You Know You

One of the benefits of a second marriage is that you’re much older than you were the first time around. This doesn’t mean you’re old at all, it simply means you’re older. This means you know yourself a lot better than you did the first time around and you’ve had time to learn from your previous mistakes (such as not making it clear what you’re looking for in a man from the start).

You Have More Appreciation

Whether you are a widow or a woman who divorced husband number one because he was a royal jerk, you will have more appreciation for husband number two. You’ll appreciate his presence, his commitment and his kindness. You’ll appreciate his heart and his love for you.

You’re More Mature

One thing that tends to happen as you get older is that you become more mature. Maybe you don’t want to be or don’t think you could possibly ever be more mature, but you can. When you’re married and more mature, you’re probably going to be much better at your wifely duties than you were the first time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go get rid of your first husband and find a second one. This simply means that if your first marriage didn’t work out, being married a second time comes with a few advantages that first time brides have to learn the hard way.


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