Scorpio Traits: The Negatives and the Positives

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Astrology and the signs are something that some people play close attention to and others don’t focus so much on. Scorpios are those born between October 24 and November 22. Scorpios are one of 12 Zodiac signs, traced by the path of the sun throughout the calendar year. Often associated with the Greeks, the Zodiac is what is used today to configure horoscopes. It’s fun and games for some, and very serious business for others. That in mind, here is all you need to know about Scorpios.

Negative Traits

Everyone has positive and negative traits – even if we don’t like to admit our negative habits! Scorpios are no different, and if you are one or you live with one, you’ll recognize that some of these traits are right on target. Scorpios are the kind of people who get what they want, no matter what it takes. How is that negative? It’s not, except that Scorpios have a manipulative way of making this happen.

Additionally, Scorpios are very sensitive. Their feelings hurt easily and that makes them very resentful. Scorpios are known to hold a grudge, which is never a good quality in a person. They’re more likely than other signs to deliberately try and hurt others for hurting them in return. Because of this, they can be insulting. This also makes it difficult for Scorpios to trust, so they are very secretive. This secretive nature makes it difficult for others to trust them, and it’s difficult to get close to a Scorpio. Some people find that they have to work harder with Scorpios to find a place in their lives.

What’s negative about this is the combination of each negative trait. A Scorpio is going to find it difficult to become involved in any kind of relationship due to trust issues, their friends and family might not care for their manipulation, and their secrecy and trust issues make relationships of all sorts very much a challenge.

Positive Traits

Now that we know how imperfect Scorpios really are, let’s discuss their positive traits. They’re very focused, balanced, brave and ambitious. It only makes sense that a Scorpio is ambitious, especially considering that ambition often goes hand in hand with getting what you want. Scorpios are very intuitive and trust their gut implicitly, which is good as it is rarely incorrect.

As far as balanced, you will not find a more natural born leader, a more organized person or someone more in tune with life and all that goes with it as a Scorpio. They’re very focused and have a great positive energy when it comes to getting things done quickly, efficiently and without interruption. They’re hard workers who use their considerable strengths to make life work.

All in all, Scorpios are very focused, determined, ambitious and driven, but they won’t hesitate to manipulate people into doing what they want and hiding it in a secretive manner in the meantime.

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