Save Your Marriage: Tips for Working Things Out

When a marriage is in trouble you have two options; save your marriage or walk away from it. It always surprises me how many people are willing to simply walk away from their marriage for no other reason than it’s just not working anymore (and how many of those couples end up back together later on). Now I’m not saying that divorce is not an option, I’m saying that divorce is not a substitution for working things out. Many marriages end for silly reasons; here are three ways you can help to save your marriage when times get tough.

Keep Your Promises

One of the things that many people fight about and end up divorced over are broken promises. He promised to work fewer hours/be home more/help with the kids more/do more around the house. She promised to stop nagging/yelling at me/treating me like one of the kids. When you make a promise to your spouse to do better, do better.

Learn to Forgive

Too many couples fight over the smallest of things; and many of them stem from things that happened a long time ago. So one time your husband was late coming home because his flight was delayed and you had to go to the emergency room with your two-year-old by yourself when she fell off the slide at the park. It’s not your husband’s fault; he’s not a bad parent. Stop bringing it up and throwing it in his face like he deliberately made his flight late so he didn’t have to parent. Forgive things from the past and learn to forgive things from the present.

Learn to be Romantic

One thing that gets lost in the shuffle of marriage from time to time is romance. Bring your wife flowers for no reason. Schedule a date night for you and your husband and surprise him with an evening of fun and laughter. Be romantic and it will help you remember why you fell in love in the first place; it can be a giant reminder why you’re together and why you should stay together. It can save your marriage.


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