Are You Rushing into Your Relationships?

Rushing into a relationship is not always a great idea. However, it’s not always a bad idea either. Sometimes you just know that the man you just met is the one for you. Other times, you want so badly for him to be the one that you find yourself rushing into yet another relationship and you end up sabotaging it from the start. You might not even realize you do it. Here are three ways to tell if you’re prone to rushing into a relationship too soon.

You Go Through A Lot of Relationships

If you think about your life over the past year, then consider this; have you been in more than one relationship? If you were with a different person this time last year, decorating your Christmas tree together, vacationing together, taking family portraits together and planning your wedding to him and you’re doing the same thing with a different man right now, you might be rushing. Was it a different guy the year before or the year before? How many times have you done this with a guy you’ve only been seeing a few months?

You Plan Your Life Around Him

Last year the guy you were seeing was a huge soccer fan and you found yourself buying soccer jerseys for teams you’ve never heard of and going to soccer games every weekend – even though you’ve never liked soccer. This year the guy you’re seeing is a huge football fan – but he doesn’t like the same college team as you. If you find yourself attending his alma matter games more than your own, and slowing removing your own college team décor and clothing in favor of his, you might have a problem.

You’re Planning Your Wedding – Again

If you find yourself planning your wedding within weeks of dating to every man you date, you might be rushing into a relationship. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with planning your future wedding on Pinterest or wherever so that when the big day finally does come, it’s perfect because you’ve been compiling ideas, but when you start planning your wedding, your new home, your baby shower and everything in between for a man you’ve only been dating a few months; it might be a sign.


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