Three Types of White Lies That Are Important For Men to Tell in a Relationship


Let’s get something straight.  I’m not advocating lying in a relationship in a larger sense.  For example, I’ve told my wife every single detail about my past relationships. I’ve told her about my love for things I’d care not to mention on this site.  Essentially all the “big ones” have been covered.  Also, I happen to have a very open communicative relationship as well.  So again, trust is huge.  Here I’m talking about little things that if left unsaid or altered will save a potentially annoying and unnecessary altercation.

Allow me to elaborate by sharing with you three three types of white lies that are important for us men to tell in a relationship….

Little Things You Claimed you Did but Actually Didn’t

OK, so in this one it’s obvious we must differentiate between a big lie and a small one. Obviously if your wife asks if you cheated on her, and you did and you say “no” it doesn’t qualify. That’s a pretty big one (I would hope).  I’m talking about something as trivial as “did you use the coupon I asked you to?” You’re way better off saying “yes” and that you saved a whopping 50 cents than to hear a mouthful because you forgot to hand a piece of paper to the cashier at the grocery store. It’s easier to say “yes I put it in the fridge” and insist you did it then have to hear about it for a week that you wasted food.  Catch my drift? I guess the hard part most guys have is deciphering which lies are the big one and which ones are small.  My guess is though, from these examples, and if you’re not a moron, you can pick it up pretty easily.

Appearance Lies

This goes without question but you’d be surprised how many guys say the dumbest things when it comes to their partners’ appearance.  And yes this goes for gay and lesbian couples as well. When in doubt either don’t answer or always say “you look great!” when your partner asks you if they look fat or something along those lines.  For me? I always say the following: “I’m not going down that road,” or “don’t drag me into this.” I mean how the hell do I know if an outfit looks great? Ultimately my wife won’t value my fashion opinions anyway.

Being Interested in Certain Things You’re Not

Look, I’m pretty sure that not all of us are into Sex and the City.  And I can safely say that I’ll never, ever be into Sex and the City. My wife also knows that I’ll never be into Sex and the City. But it also doesn’t hurt to every once in a while lead the lady on into believing that something was interesting to you even though it wasn’t all that fun or interesting.  I guess things like going to a wine tasting or seeing a chick flick.  Never hurts to say “I had fun!” even though it was super boring.  You dig?

Good luck out there.


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