20 of The Most Ridiculous Reasons Women Won’t Date A Man

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You might roll your eyes while reading 20 of the most ridiculous icks. But to be fair, some of them are kind of silly. Just in case you need a refresher on what an ‘ick’ is, it’s a new way for people, usually women, to explain why they won’t date a man. In other words, if a man has an ick, a woman won’t want to date him.

Taste-testing ice cream


Some people can’t figure out where to put the taster spoon when they’re done. But is that really a worthy issue, or one of many ridiculous icks? Why is this an issue? It has more to do with those who forget where to toss the plastic spoon, even when there’s a well-labeled cup right in front of them.

Wearing water shoes in a water park


Hey, that ground can get pretty hot when the weather’s nice. Not only that but do you have any idea how many disgusting things might be on the ground? Unfortunately, some ladies see this as an ick because…well, it does look kind of goofy.

Chasing a ping pong ball


Now if this isn’t one of the most ridiculous icks, I don’t know what is. Do you expect the ball to come back to you on its own? Granted, a person does look kind of goofy running after a ball, but doesn’t everyone?

Walking back to your seat after taking your turn bowling


I’m at a loss. Are you supposed to stand there and assume that someone will carry you back? I guess there’s no way to look cool or confident when walking back from bowling, which might be a sport that qualifies as an ick anyway.

Singing the wrong lyrics


In the line of ridiculous icks, this one is kind of mean. Some songs are tough to figure out, and making up your own lyrics is fun. Sure, you do like kind of silly when you mess up the lyrics, but that’s kind of a harsh reason to not date someone.

Fumbling your words


Sometimes your thought process is too quick for your mouth to keep up. Hey, we’ve all been there. And yes, stuttering throughout a date could make for a lot of difficulties.

When they push a pull door


Yeah, fair play. That one is kind of dumb, but not exactly one of the ridiculous icks. Seriously, act like you’ve had a blonde moment before. If someone is trying to act intelligent and does this it does come off as embarrassing.

Walking angrily in flip-flops


Who does this? Are they unaware that it sounds ridiculous and looks just as bad? It’s like trying to slam a cell phone after ending a call, it just doesn’t work.

Asking a retail worker for help but going unheard


So, who are these entitled people who think that everyone should have their ears perked for them? When does being entitled become one of the most ridiculous icks? I guess it means that they aren’t worth paying attention to if a retail worker doesn’t bother with them. That’s kind of mean…

Trying out new shoes in the aisle


How else are you supposed to know how they feel? Talk about judgmental. Of course, if it’s a grown man with his mom, that’s a little tough to argue with.

Alerting people that there is someone in the bathroom stall


Yeah, let’s allow a person to just come barging in, great idea. Seriously, why is this an issue? It does feel as though it should be common sense, but maybe women see this as rude.

Being outside a dance circle trying to get in


Maybe…and it’s just a thought…LET HIM IN. I mean, it sounds reasonable enough. Then again, if you’re not in the circle to begin with, it might mean you should wait to be invited.

Wearing a cape during a haircut


Honestly, that cape is keeping the hair from getting everywhere. That stuff gets itchy if it slips into your clothing… But if you’re a guy who’s trying to look cool with a foofy pink cape…well….

Changing the outfits on his bitmojis


I’m getting old I guess. This is a thing? If you’re on social media all the time appearances do count.

Saying a joke louder the first time


If the joke didn’t land right then yeah, it’s time to give it up. But as an ick? I guess if it’s not funny the first time, then don’t bother telling it again.

Sitting and waiting for your phone to charge


Does a person need a backup? Well Ms. Moneybags, help a fella out. I guess it might help if you kept your phone charged more often, or carried a portable charger.

When the attendant on a roller coaster tightens his seat belt


Having someone slip out of a ride and die is kind of a bad entry on a resume. I guess safety doesn’t matter to some girlfriends though. Just be macho and hold it on your own I guess, impress her a little.

Running with a backpack on


Do a lot of guys do this? It feels like too much energy for not enough gain. Plus, it does look a little silly.

Tight laces with a big bow on his shoes


Dang it guys, keep those shoes loose and start tripping more, women find it sexy apparently. Sacrifice your safety for their pleasure. Also, learn to tie your shoes in a less flamboyant, childish manner.

Petting a dog with a bare foot


Who are these guys that do this? And who are these women who watch them? Though I guess petting with a bare foot is kind of ick, depending on the dog.


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