Ten Inexpensive Ways to Say “I Love You”


The problem with so many people is that they automatically want to assume that the only want to show their love for another person is with expensive gifts. In an effort to be completely honest, most of us love a nice, expensive gift and feel there is nothing wrong with receiving one. However, there is also no reason anyone should ever think that they only want to show love to another person with money. Most of us are happy to have our husband or wife say, “I love you,” in a much less expensive manner. One that really shows love and thought were put into the effort. It’s the smallest things that make the most impact, and it’s often gestures and actions that speak louder than words. If you’re looking for a way to show your love to someone, try one of these very sweet and inexpensive gestures. The person you love will hear your message loud and clear, and he or she will appreciate your effort immensely.

Mail a Letter

If you are looking for a way to say “I love you,” to someone, mail a letter. Most people do not get personalized letters in the mail anymore. Instead, they get texts and emails, but a handwritten letter or card is going to make a big impact. You could have sent a text or email, but you chose to instead take the time to choose a card and handwrite a letter in it, go the post office, buy a stamp and stick it in the mail. If that doesn’t show love, nothing does.

Leave a Note in a Briefcase/Wallet/Laptop Bag

Jot down a quick note to say I love you on a post-it note and stick it in someone’s laptop bag, handbag or briefcase. He or she will find it later in the day when already at the office and probably think that this is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done. Finding something in the middle of the day is a guaranteed way to put a smile on someone’s face for the remainder of the day.

Bring Him Lunch

When you know your husband has a busy day at the office and has little time to do anything, bring him his favorite lunch. You don’t have to stay at eat with him since he’s busy, but the effort is one that shows a lot of love. His appreciation for your effort is going to show, and he’s going to love it.

Cook a Favorite Meal

What’s your spouse’s favorite meal? Think about it, buy the ingredients and then cook it on a day he or she is not expecting it. This one is even more amazing if you’re not much of a cook and don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals. Just don’t burn it.

Plan a Favorite Date

What’s the first date you went on? Try to remember it and then try to recreate it. Your spouse is going to feel that this is one of the most special things you’ve ever done since it’s so thoughtful and creative. The first date is always one of the most exciting, and recreating it later on down the road is a really great way of saying that you remember the good times and that you love this person.

Bring Home Flowers

These do not have to be flowers from the florist, which are always so expensive. I love when my husband sends me flowers because it lets me know he’s thinking of me, and they’re always so lovely. But I really love when he brings them home after stopping on the side of the road or at the store to pick out something that he knows I’m going to love. There’s something about the way he hands them to me and then kisses me that shows me how much he loves me, and I love that.

Bring Home a Favorite Treat

When I was pregnant with our twins, I had a killer craving for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (the big ones) frozen in the freezer. My husband used to go to the store during the day at work, buy them and then freeze them at work and bring them home to me to eat. It was so simple and so thoughtful, and it really showed me how much he loves me. Do something like this for the person you love.

Make a Small Sacrifice

Do you hate watching the Real Housewives or going to a wine tasting with your spouse? If so, do it without complaint. She is going to see that you’re making a sacrifice, which is something she already knows. However, she’s going to see you doing it without making any complaints and that is going to show her some serious love.

Call in Sick

Take a day off work together and spend it being very lazy. Make it a point to tell her that you just couldn’t bear to tear yourself away from her or get out of your bed so that she knows you are in love with her. You can spend the day cooking breakfast, watching Netflix or just hanging out together. Just do it. It shows a lot of love and makes her feel really good.

Be Spontaneous

Some people are not very spontaneous. They are a bit more rigid and to the point, and they have a hard time letting loose and having fun. Don’t be that person all the time. Be spontaneous and suggest doing something that you would not ordinarily suggest doing, like a fancy date night in the middle of the week. Things like this aren’t normal, and that means they’re even more special. When you are spontaneous enough to do something he or she is not expecting you to do, it makes the day even more exciting and shows a lot of love. You will earn a lot of brownie points doing something like this, and that’s always a good thing to have. Trust me.

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