Surefire Ways to Damage Personal Relationships


Relationships of any kind are complicated at times. Personalities differ and people clash. Whether you’re thinking about your relationships with your spouse, your kids, your friends or your parents, you’re going to nod your head in agreement at the difficulty of each. They can’t read your mind and the people you have relationships with do not always live up to your expectations. Guess what? You don’t always make them happy or live up to their expectations either, which is why you have to handle all your relationships with care. Here are three things to avoid in any of your relationships to ensure they stay healthy and on track.


You nag your husband to pick up after himself. You nag your daughter to dress differently. You nag your mom to stop overdoing it at Zumba and pilates. Everyone nags; it’s a fact of life. We want the people in our lives to do their best and be their best and sometimes we nag them to do it. It’s so easy for us to look at our loved ones and decide we know best, but incessant nagging can actually harm your relationships with your loved ones. They have to live their own lives and make their own mistakes.

Trying to Change People

You can’t change your husband’s love of football anymore than you can change your daughter’s desire to gossip with her friends. Instead of trying to change the people in your life, be a better role model toward them. For example, if you want your daughter to stop gossiping because you know how hurtful it is, don’t gossip to or in front of her. You can’t change your loved ones – even if you think it’s for the best – but you can set a good example and hope they follow.

Taking Score

There is no such thing as a winter and a loser in any of your relationships. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been right about your son’s horrid taste in girlfriends or your husband’s inability to take care of plumbing work on his own without the help of a professional. When you begin taking score and throwing that in their faces when you’re angry, you begin to damage your relationships.

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