Are You Spending Time With The Wrong People?

One of the least healthy things you can do to yourself is spend time in bad company. However, many people don’t notice they’re in bad company because they people with which they spend their time aren’t necessarily bad people. They’re not addicts or abusers or controlling people. They’re not criminals. However, those are not the only traits that make for bad company. Read on to find out which three characteristics signify bad company.

They Belittle You

This could happen for many reasons, but the main reason is jealousy. If you have a friend who constantly belittles you and your life, it’s likely that she’s envious and trying to tear you down – it actually doesn’t matter; if she’s tearing you down she’s not a good friend no matter whether or not she’s envious of you. You’ll notice that nothing you accomplish is good enough for her. Nothing you acquire is good enough. She has something negative to say about everything you say or do. For example, if you tell her you’re excited to spend a week in Hawaii with your family, she’ll say, “I have no interest in a vacation that requires 9 hours on a flight. Vacationing closer to home is far better.”

They Always Bring Up Your Mistakes

A friend who is constantly bringing up your past mistakes and trying to make you feel bad about them even though they happened years ago is bad company. Good friends don’t hold grudges or bring up the past when it’s so long and over with.

They’re Negative

Sometimes people don’t intend to be bad company, they just are. Perhaps their life isn’t going how they’d like or they’re just increasingly bitter with age, but they become too negative. No longer are they excited about things or have funny stories to tell. Everything is a complaint and everything is against them. They no longer take responsibility for their actions and everything is blamed on others. You’ll recognize this person when you see their name on your phone and immediately ignore the call because you simply don’t want to be dragged down by their complaints and negativity yet again.

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