Simple Tips to Avoid an Argument


Married couples who say they never fight are lying —  or they don’t understand the question. Fighting doesn’t mean throwing punches or engaging in screaming matches. Fighting – in my house, anyway – is more of a disagreement. It’s a debate over whether or not one person is right or wrong or whatever. What I’m trying to say is that every couples argues, or debates, or fights. You do not agree 100 percent of the time and you are not perfectly happy with your spouse at all times. Sometimes, they just annoy you. However, if fighting is something that happens too often in your house, there are a few simple tips you can use to prevent your next fight from ever even happening.

Let Off Steam

Most fights occur because someone wants to let off some steam after a difficult day. For example, you might be in the mood to pick a fight after your boss irritated you all day long, and you’re likely to take that out on the people at home – they can’t fire you, after all. If you need to let off steam and you know it, you can prevent a fight by taking a walk, heading to the gym or engaging in some form of exercise that will allow you to do just that.

Lighten Up

If your spouse does something that annoys you all the time, like complaining nonstop the second he walks in the door, lighten up. Instead of getting on his case about his constant complaints, make a joke about being married to such a grumpy old man or something of that nature. It’s a way to make him understand you dislike this habit without nagging. It will make him more aware of his behavior, and less likely to engage in it all the time.

Walk Away

When you feel yourself beginning to get angry in the course of a conversation, just walk away until you feel calmer. It’s okay to do that; it will help you calm down enough so that you don’t cause a fight with your reaction.

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