Prevent Your Past Relationship from Ruining your Present

When you begin a new relationship it is nothing short of exciting. However, many men and women make the mistake of doing a few things in their new relationship that might cause it to end before it even has a chance to begin. Ladies and gentlemen; we all have a past. Let’s not let our past ruin our present by dictating every new relationship. Here are three pieces of advice to help your new relationship flourish – if your partner is the right one.

Let Go of Past Mistakes

It can be hard to trust after an ex has done something to diminish your trust, but you can’t bring that feeling into a new relationship. Many men and women take out their anger, hurt and trust issues from a past relationships into their new relationship. It’s not a good idea; you have to start over fresh and issue your trust with happiness and ease. Perhaps your new partner might break your trust down the road or perhaps he or she won’t. Either way, you can’t treat your new relationship like your past relationships.

Don’t Forget About You

New relationships are so much fun you want to spend all your time with this new man or woman. However, don’t let yourself get lost in the excitement of your new couple status. Remember that you have friends and family and hobbies outside of this person. The less you give up of yourself, the happier you’ll both remain in the long run.

Don’t Rush

It might seem like everyone around you is getting married and having children and buying houses together, but that ticking clock should not be allowed into your new relationship. The worst thing you can do to ruin your chances of happiness is freak one another out by moving too quickly. It might seem like a good idea now, but in a few weeks it might not seem like such a smart move.

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