Outdated Relationship Advice You Don’t Need to Follow


Relationship advice is something you hear everywhere, all the time. You hear it from your friends, from your coworkers, in magazines and on television. You also hear it from your mom. She’s been your source of relationship advice from the time you were a little girl and she’s yet to stop offering up her advice even today. While the relationship advice you’ve learned throughout your life may or may not be advice you adhere to right now, you should know that there are a few pieces of relationship advice that are a bit outdated. It’s okay to forget these rules in your relationships.

Don’t Fight

Fighting is not a bad thing when done correctly. No two people in the world are ever going to get along 100 percent of the time and anyone who tells you they never fight is one of two things; a liar or a pushover. You have different opinions and feelings than your partner, and it’s okay to voice those. However, you should always be careful to keep your disagreements positive. This means no name calling, no screaming and no physical behavior. It’s okay to disagree when you keep your tone respectful, when you listen to what your partner has to say and when you keep things clean.

Never Sleep In Separate Beds

Sometimes the only way to make a marriage work is to sleep separately. For example, if your partner snores and it’s impossible to sleep together no matter what you’ve tried, how many times you’ve been to the doctor and how hard you’re trying to make it work, sometimes you just need to sleep apart. It’s okay to occasionally fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie and stay there all night. It’s okay to go to your mom’s house and stay when she’s just home from the hospital and in need of a little extra care. It’s okay to take a night to go to your best friend’s house and stay with her newborn baby so she can get a little extra sleep when her husband is working out of town for a few nights.

Keep it Exciting

Excitement is a great part of your relationship, but it’s impossible to keep a long-term relationship exciting every moment of everyday. Just because you have a routine and a schedule, kids and jobs, and a house and everything else does not mean you don’t have excitement. However, it also means you have to make more time for routine and less time for butterflies and romance, this could mean sexting if you’re both up to it. You can learn more about sexting as explained here. Just remember to make time for those things every so often and you’ll be fine.

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