How to Move on From an Awkward Moment


That awkward moment you say something hilarious you know would have your friends laughing hysterically but only has your coworkers staring at you with confusion; it happens to all of us. We all have awkward moments, but that knowledge doesn’t make them any less awkward. What happens when you find yourself in a situation like this? You have two choices; let yourself become embarrassed or handle it like a champ.


Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh. Spill your dinner all over your lap in the middle of meeting your future in-laws for the first time? Don’t cry in shame or run to the bathroom to sob with embarrassment. Laugh it off. Excuse yourself, apologize for the mess and laugh about your clumsiness. Chances are, they’re just as uncomfortable as you not knowing how you’ll react. Show them how awesome you are by laughing lightly and making a comment about how this was certainly not the first impression you wanted to leave.


Sometimes awkward situations require an apology. If what you said or did made someone else feel badly or belittled them, simply apologize for your words and move on from there. Everyone has a moment such as this when you say something you don’t consider offensive but someone else does. Don’t let it ruin the situation; apologize sincerely and let it go.

Speak Up

Sometimes an awkward situation is a little more complicated, such as being involved in a conversation in which someone is speaking ill of a loved one. In this case, you can either walk away and ignore the awkwardness or you can politely – but firmly – speak up. Let the person doing the harsh talking know that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, you’d prefer if they would keep theirs to themselves or at least have the courtesy to speak about it privately rather than in front of you.

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