Do Long Distance Pillows Really Help?


You’ve heard of long distance relationships – and maybe you avoid them like the plague – but what you haven’t heard of is the long distance pillow. No, it’s not a pillow you to yearn for from afar; it’s a set of pillows that allow you and the one you love to sleep together no matter where in the world you are, whether you’re in the midst of a long distance relationship or you’re out of town on business. The real question, however, is whether or not these interesting pillows really work.

Pillow Talk is the pillow invented by Scottish designer Joanna Montgomery. It’s not necessarily a special set of pillows so much as it is a special set of rings and a pillow insert. The way it works is that each member of a long distance relationship wears a ring at night. The wearer then places a panel sensor inside his or her pillow. When activated, the pillow of your long distance love begins to glow, showing him or her that you are lying in bed. The kicker is that once a long distance partner places his or her head on the glowing fabric of his or her pillow, he or she can hear the heartbeat of his or her partner lying in bed no matter the distance.

Whether or not it really works is a matter of personal opinion. A pillow does not ease the pain of long distance in terms of relationships. However, it does provide couples with a sense of intimacy that’s often missing in long distance relationships. It doesn’t make up for actually having your partner present, but it does give couples something to look forward to at night, a bit of a connection that may help to bring them closer together. Sometimes, all it takes to make a long distance relationship less painful is a little connection such as this.

(Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)


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