10 Jobs That Might Cause Your Spouse to Cheat On You

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The 10 jobs that might cause your spouse to cheat on you are kind of surprising, but not unrealistic since it does happen. Of course, it’s no reason to become paranoid.

Armed Forces


Yes, enlisting in the Armed Forces is a career, and it has forced many people to lose their spouses due to cheating. Unfortunately, those long deployments aren’t as easy for many spouses to take…not that this is an excuse for your spouse to cheat.


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There are a few reasons that cause a spouse to cheat when they’re married to an accountant. Being stuck in a boring job is one, but there are a lot more.



Boredom is usually a big reason for any spouse to cheat since engineers tend to make a good deal of money depending on their field of expertise. But apart from this, long hours spent with alluring coworkers could stand out as another reason.

Transport and Logistics


Honestly, this one is kind of confusing, but then again, boredom with their lives is one of the most common threads. Working long hours is another.



Hey, sometimes you get a crush on your teacher, even when you’re an adult. A trainer is even more intimate in a lot of ways.



Salesmen and women see a lot of people every day, typically, and there’s likely a connection there that probably shouldn’t happen, but does. Not only that but think of a realtor and all the private places they can find to relax in.

Information Technology


This is kind of a head-scratcher but it does sound like something that would give a reason for the spouse to cheat, not necessarily the worker. But, who knows?

Hospitality/Events Management


Oh yes, it happens here a lot. You work long enough with someone you have affection towards and the next thing you know you’re in a hotel room or a dark corner of a banquet hall.



Amorous connections can happen pretty much anywhere, but they can also happen because of a job. Those who work in construction often work long hours and don’t have a lot of energy at the end of the day. Hey, it’s just one reason.



It’s not that amazing since healthcare professionals work closely with each other and sparks might fly occasionally. That doesn’t make it right, but it can make it happen.


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