Being a Good Friend in Difficult Times

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Misfortune, bad luck, unfortunate circumstances, whatever you want to call it; everyone goes through difficult times in their life and it simply is not the easiest time to be a great friend. You want to be there for the ones you love when their life is being turned upside down, but it’s not always easy. When your loved ones are suffering, they need a friend more than ever. These simple tips will help you be a good friend when times are difficult.


Sometimes all someone needs is a friend who is willing to listen. Not one who wants to interject with advice, stories, help, or anything else. Just listen. You’ll know if your friend wants you to offer more than just your ear and you can use your judgment to do just that. However, when your friends are going through their darkest times, sometimes the best way to be a good friend is just to listen.

Don’t Judge

Judgment is a terrible thing on a good day; it’s even worse on a bad one. Say you have a loved one who is suffering through divorce. She doesn’t need you judging her decision to stay with him as long as she did or to marry him in the first place. She needs you to listen and to withhold your judgment.

Offer a Hug and a Smile

There’s something so special about a hug from someone who cares. When you take the time to hug a friend going through a difficult time it helps to release feel good hormones in their body, increasing their mood and possibly helping them see that it’s not so bad. Add a smile to that and your friend will be reminded that despite all the bad in life, there’s always so much more positive than there is negative.

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