Five Tips on How to Get Over a Break Up


There are tears, too many pints of ice cream, and too many nights out with your girlfriends; breakups are hard to do. They’re hard to get over. They’re difficult in general. Even if it’s one that’s mutual or one that ended amicably, or even one that ended simply because you’re no longer in love, breakups are never easy. If you’re finding it difficult to get over yours – and many people do – here are a few tips that will help you overcome the heartbreak.

Cry it Out

The best thing you can do is allow yourself to cry it out, but not forever. Give yourself a time line. Allow yourself a few days, a long weekend, perhaps, to cry, sulk and be angry in general. You’re allowed. You need that time to grieve and cry, but you can’t hold onto it forever. Once the weekend is over, get over it and stop the crying. It’s time now to focus on you.

Get to Know Yourself

This means you need to spend some time on your own. Spend some time getting to know you. Do things you wanted to do when you were together but didn’t because it wasn’t a mutual interest. It’s time to focus on you and get to know yourself for once.

Have Some Fun

You’re single now, so go out and have some fun. You want to do something distracting, so plan a girls’ trip or a night out with your girlfriends. Go visit your friends out of state or your family at the beach. You deserve to have a little fun, and you should take the time to do that now that you’re a single lady.

Delete Your Ex

You have to do it. You have to delete his number from your phone. Get rid of his email address. Get rid of his friendship on your social media sites. Delete him from your life. Don’t respond to him if and/or when he texts or calls you. Don’t stalk his social media profiles and don’t leave photos of him lying around. Get rid of all traces of him; including your favorite shirt of his and everything else of his.

Don’t Rush into a New Relationship

The last thing you want to do is find yourself seriously dating someone else a week or two after you breakup with someone. Experts say you need a good six months to get over your ex, to move on from your relationship and to get to know yourself a little.

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