Five Signs He Said “I Love You” too Soon


So many things in life require perfect timing, yet there is no such thing as perfect timing in others. There is no such thing as a perfect time to have a baby, to move to a new location, to buy a house or to get married. There is no such thing; but in love there is absolutely such thing as perfect timing. When a couple exchanges, “I love you,” too soon or too late, it can ruin an entire relationship. Three little words can be the most powerful statement on the planet. It’s eight letters, three words but the biggest meaning in the history of spoken sentences. An entirely lifetime can be summed up with those three little words and yet so many people use them as if they are nothing. They are not words that mean nothing to so many. For many men and women, these words are all they want to hear. For some men, however, these words carry more power than they understand. Unfortunately, some people use the words I love you as a way of getting what they want, ending a fight or salvaging what they want. They say them because you want to hear them, but they might say them too soon. Here are a few sad signs he told you he loves you too soon.

He Doesn’t Talk about the Future

A man in love is happy to talk about the future. He makes comments about where you want to retire together, about how many kids you want and about how you dream your wedding will look. A man not in love but still saying the words and not considering a future with you is not in love. I’d believe a man who has not uttered the word love but talks about a future with you long before I’d believe a man who professes his love but won’t talk about a future.

It Hasn’t Been Long Enough

There are some people who state that you cannot know within 6 months whether or not you love someone. I don’t believe that. I knew the night I met my husband, when I was 18-years-old, I loved him. It’s been 14 years since that night and we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next month. I love him more now than I ever did in the past, but I knew it right away. So this one could go either way.

You Don’t Return the Feeling

Again, it seems obvious to me. When two people love one another and are in it for the long haul, there is no doubt on either side. You’re on the same page, you feel the same way; so if you’re not feeling it and he is, chances are it’s way too soon and he doesn’t really love you.

He Says it in the Moment

Be careful of in the moment, “I love you” professions. No, it’s not a bad thing. But sometimes for men it’s just literally something they say in the moment. A man who says it to you not in the moment is probably more believable. But every man and every situation is different, so go with your gut on this one.

You Haven’t Been Intimate Yet

To me, it seems fairly easy to know when a man is using the love word to get you into bed. Those type of men are just so obvious and apparent, but it’s not so obvious to some women. If you haven’t been to bed yet and he already loves you, just be careful. It could be a ploy.

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