Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Date a Guy Who Lives with His Parents


Unless you are 16, you should not date a guy that lives with his parents. Sorry, but it’s the truth. There are some boundaries and fine lines and gray areas here, but the consensus is pretty much that unless you are both under legal adult age, you should not date a guy that lives with mom and dad. And at the risk of sound judgmental and rude, we have a lot of reasons why this is not the guy for you. For one, he lives with this parents and he’s 30. Unless he just sold his house and has to wait another week to close on his new house, he’s not supposed to live with his parents. There’s just no reason for it; and while you might think that you have an excuse for him and his way of life, you do not and we can tell you precisely why you do not have a valid reason for this guy.

You’ll Meet the Parents Right Away

No one wants to meet the parents right away. I mean, come on now. You do not want to be this person and you do not want to be in this situation. You should make it a point to go ahead and move on in your life and not date this guy. You don’t want to meet his mom on the way to his room, right?

He Might End up Moving in With You Without Your Consent

If he lives with his parents, he might start spending a lot of time at your place. Before you know it, he’s practically living with you and you’re not ready for it. And then you have to make some decisions and be that awkward person who has to kick him out.

He Probably Has No Drive

If he’s living with his parents, he probably has zero ambition for the future. Most normal men do not live with their parents once they are out of college and that’s just how it goes. Those who do probably have some mommy issues and some other issues that you don’t want to deal with.

He Probably Has No Job

And the most common reason some men live with their parents is because they have no job. When you have no job, you have no income. When you have no income, you need someone else to care for you. And that, my friend, is why this guy is not good for you.

Laundry is a Problem

When a guy lives with mom, she’s probably doing everything for him so he’s not doing it himself. That means he’s going to start looking for the mom in you to care for him and clean up after him and do all his dirty work. Um, no thanks.

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